John Brennan: "Disappointed" In AG Bill Barr's Spying Comments


Former CIA Director John Brennan responds to Attorney General Bill Barr accusing the U.S. intelligence community of spying on then-candidate for president Donald Trump in an interview on MSNBC's 'Hardball' following Barr's testimony to Congress.

Brennan said he was "disappointed" and that it is the job of U.S. intel agencies to "spy against foreign adversaries." He said Barr's testimony was nuanced to support Trump's position and acted like Trump's personal attorney at Wednesday's Senate hearing rather than the Attorney General of the United States.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Director, spying? Why does Trump and his cronies, including the new AG, use that word?

JOHN BRENNAN, FMR. CIA DIRECTOR: I was very disappointed in what Attorney General Bill Barr said today about spying when he was referring to the investigation that was predicated, certainly, and that the FBI was trying to understand exactly what the Russians were doing. U.S. intelligence agencies were -- spy against foreign adversaries so that we can understand the threat to our national security.

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