Thomas Sowell: "No Hard Evidence" That Trump Is A Racist


Economist Thomas Sowell told 'FOX & Friends' Thursday that he has not seen "hard evidence" that President Trump is a racist. Sowell also commented on the fascination of socialism with young people. He said people "no longer look at the facts" yet are cheering on Bernie Sanders and his policies.

"I've seen no hard evidence,” Sowell said the racism complaint lobbed at Trump. “And, unfortunately, we’re living in a time where no one expects hard evidence. You just repeat some familiar words and people will react pretty much the way Pavlov’s dog was conditioned to react to certain sounds.”

"This great fervor for Bernie Sanders was occurring at the time when Venezuela, with one of the world’s largest reserves of oil, people were going downhill in their living standards and were hungry and desperately fleeing to neighboring countries. Most of the people who are out there cheering Bernie Sanders haven’t even bothered to look into that," Sowell said of socialism.

(via Breitbart Video)

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