John Brennan: Trump "Not Sophisticated Enough" To Deal With Putin


Former CIA director John Brennan said Trump will give Vladimir Putin and the Russians what they want such as the things that are in the U.S. national interest as well as Crimea.

"They've attached themselves wholly to Donald Trump," Brennan said of the GOP. "And they see the results of the 2018 election as basically being a decision on Trump. And so what I think they are trying to do is pave the way and lend their support as well as lend their reputations and credibility to this."

Brennan said Trump is "not sophisticated enough" to deal with the Russians.

"I must tell you the Russians will feign sincerity better than anyone I've ever dealt with in my life. So I would be very careful about being swept in and I think Mr. Trump is not sophisticated enough, unfortunately, to deal with these foreign leaders in a manner that is going to protect U.S. national security interests. I think he's naive in these issues," he said.

"By going to Russia in this matter it has not shown the American people that we are going to deal with Russia in a manner that protects our interest," he added.

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