GOP Rep. Andy Biggs Introduces Bill To Censure Maxine Waters


GOP Rep. Andy Biggs joins FNC's Bill Hemmer to discuss his proposal to censure Maxine Waters in response to the Democrat's "repugnant" calls for supporters to harass Trump officials.

"I think the institution has to take a stance," Biggs said about the proposal. "I think just making individual comments, like many of us have said, this is repugnant, just doesn't do it. Because she has indicated since she made her initial comments, that she doesn't see anything wrong with them. no remorse, no regret."

"Now we've seen video of the Elaine Chao incident, for Pete's sakes, we have a press secretary who has to have Secret Service detail? We can't keep lighting the fuse here," the Arizona Republican said.

President Trump tweeted mocking Waters and the Democratic Party:

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