Manchin: Gina Haspel "The Real Deal," A "Role Model"


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) tells FOX News Channel host Neil Cavuto that nominee for CIA director Gina Haspel is the "real deal" and that she comes to the job prepared.

"I met with her twice personally and had a lot of in-depth conversations, and then she had been in an open hearing which you saw on television today and then we went into a very closed high profile meeting," Manchin said Wednesday. "She answered every question, this lady is the real deal. We hit her with everything we possibly could and she answered and did not flinch at all."

"She had 33 years of experience and there is nobody else that comes to this job prepared like she’s prepared. A person who could be a role model on how you should run your intelligence agency, a person who has respect for everyone out in the field because she's been there. Put her in a tough spot, she survived. She has done everything that she can to protect the United States of America and keep us as safe as she possibly can. I just feel very comfortable with her and I encourage all my colleagues to sincerely vote for this lady because she is the best," he said.

Machin: Haspel did not break the law

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