Hannity Teases: CNN's Jeff Zucker "Soon To Be Really Scandal-Plagued"


On the Tuesday and Wednesday night broadcast of his FOX News show, host Sean Hannity teased that CNN president Jeff Zucker -- who he called the "porn king" -- is about to be "really scandal-plagued."

"Over at CNN, the king of porn soon to be really scandal-plagued, Jeff Zucker -- just saying, by the way, Jeff, we know," Hannity said Tuesday night.

"And best friend of Matt Lauer, by the way, it's an open secret and the chief of fake news," Hannity also said of Zucker.

Here's what Hannity said Tuesday night:

Following his "we know" comment on Tuesday, Hannity again said on Wednesday's broadcast that the CNN chief should "soon" find himself "scandal-plagued."

"CNN, led by the very-soon-to-be-scandal-plagued king of porn Jeff Zucker," the FOX host said at the top of his Wednesday broadcast.

"And, by the way, yeah, we know," Hannity added.

What does Hannity know? What is the scandal? What is the "open secret" he talked about? When will the scandal be revealed?

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