Sam Nunberg: Mueller Thinks Trump Is A Manchurian Candidate


Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg joined CNN after his wild interview with MSNBC's Katy Tur on Monday afternoon after the network called him to comment on his refusal to comply with a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller. In a telephone interview, Nunberg said he is "not interested" in handing over all his emails with then-Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon and his mentor Roger Stone who is also a Trump confidant. Nunberg states that based on the questions they asked him, Mueller's investigators are acting as if they think President Trump is a "Manchurian candidate."

"He thinks Trump is the Manchurian candidate, and I will tell you I disagree with that," Nunberg said of Mueller's probe in an interview with CNN's Gloria Borger.

SAM NUNBERG: First of all, I -- well, actually I don't know why [the special counsel wants to talk]. Whatever they want, I can tell you I'm not going in. It's ridiculous. The idea that we were the Manchurian candidate. Gloria, we were a joke. The idea that we were colluding with the Russians? Give me a break.

GLORIA BORGER, CNN: Is that what you think the special counsel is getting at, or it sounds to me from some of your other answers you think he's looking into the more financial side of Donald Trump's life?

NUNBERG: He may. I don't know what he's looking into. He may. He may. And you know what? Trump may have very well done something during the election with the Russians.

BORGER: What makes you say that?

NUNBERG: And if you find it out if he did that, I don't know. If he did that, you know what, it's inexcusable. If he did that. If he had some deal -- we already know that Michael Cohen was trying to do trump tower Moscow, Gloria.

BORGER: And that deal never went through, as you know. That letter of intent never happened.

NUNBERG: That deal -- correct, that deal never went through.

BORGER: Right. So all I'm asking you is from -- why, I guess, to get to the bottom of this, Sam, is why after FBI interview for five and a half hours do you think the special counsel wants you back? You say maybe to talk about... Miss Universe, which was 2013.

NUNBERG: By the way -- Gloria, am I the first person you ever heard to flat-out say I'm not going in?

BORGER: I think so. I think so, yes. But --

NUNBERG: And you know what I'm not going to do? I'm not going to build a case that they're trying to build.

BORGER: Well, what is the case you think -- go ahead.

NUNBERG: Well, look, you had Mueller indict Russians for what? He indicted Russians for what?


BORGER: Who else have you talked to about their FBI interviews? Have you talked to other people about their grand jury testimony?

NUNBERG: I don't want to go into it. There's one person I talked to. I'm not going into it.

BORGER: And have you talked to them about the general direction without naming names then, about the general direction that you think Mueller is going in?

NUNBERG: Yes. Mueller thinks that Trump is the Manchurian candidate.

BORGER: I'm sorry, he thinks he's what?

He thinks Trump is the Manchurian candidate, and I will tell you I disagree with that.

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