GOP Rep. Zeldin: Rep. Schiff "Is Full Of Schiff"


Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, discusses the Democratic counterpart to the Nunes memo with CNN's Anderson Cooper. He said Schiff likes to draw a different picture to the press than what is the truth. From Monday's Anderson Cooper show on CNN:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Congressman Schiff (D-CA) says that Chairman Nunes (R-CA) refused to answer questions today about whether he or his staff coordinated his memo with the White House. Though he did in Schiff's words make a "lawyerly statement" that the White House wasn't involved in the drafting of the memo.

It still leaves a lot of room for possible coordination in some ways with the White House. If there was coordination, would you be comfortable with that? If it was with staffers? Some sort of coordination?

REP. LEE ZELDIN (R-NY): I'm not aware of there being any coordination. Everything that I have come in contact with, all of my different conversations, all substantiate that there wasn't any cooperation at all. Both the staff for the House Intel Committee and Chairman Gowdy, those are the people who read the underlying source material, their preparing of the document. I am not aware.

COOPER: Why not just say so? I mean because this is the second time Nunes has been asked, the White House has been asked and no one seems to really give a straight answer just saying absolutely no coordination on any level.

ZELDIN: Well, listen, I wasn't in the meeting tonight that took place, but Congressman Schiff, you could say has been full of Schiff at some times. He said that the majority memo was going to include national security that couldn't be released. That wasn't true. He said it was going to contain sources and methods. That's all public. Now we can see that is not true. He said it was materially altered and it turns out there were grammatical changes and the only changes beyond grammatical was requested by Congressman Schiff as well as a change as requested by the FBI. There have been issues with regards to when Don [Trump] Jr. was testifying, Congressman Schiff walking out of the room and providing updates to the media even though it is a several hour interview and that wasn't supposed to happen.

So Congressman Schiff keeps feeding all of these different talking points to the public. I wasn't in the House Intel Committee this evening, but consistent with all of the ways he has been communicating his own talking points to the American public, I wouldn't be surprised if the way he put it isn't exactly what happened.

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