Charles Hurt: Media Totally "Bonkers" Discussing Trump's Mental Fitness


Charles Hurt on how "bonkers" the media has gone over the Trump health report because of how much they "despite the president."

Hurt said the 50-minute briefing held by the president's physician Dr. Ronny Jackson revealed the absurd levels the media will go to.

CHARLES HURT: Among rational people it does. But I don't think it's going to end the crazy talk that we've heard. That whole thing was just -- the hour-long, I mean, it was truly extraordinary and it just reveals the absolute absurdity that we've reached in terms of people going after the president in the press, the clips that you just showed. They may have been from Saturday Night Live last Saturday.

It's absolutely bonkers how much these people they despise the president. CNN sent in a doctor, their doctor, their on-air doctor (Dr. Sanjay Gupta) to offer a second opinion. It's just absolutely ridiculous.

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