Stephen Miller Battles CNN's Jake Tapper In Trump Tweet-Approved Interview


CNN host Jake Tapper clashed with White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller Sunday over claims from "Fire & Fury: Inside The Trump White House," Michael Wolff's new book about President Trump's campaign, presidential transition, and administration. Trump tweeted that Miller "destroyed" the "CNN flunky" Tapper.

On Sunday's 'State of the Union,' Miller launched a tirade about CNN's 'Fake News' status and said the president succeeds because he reaches out to people who CNN cannot "connect with."

"In the toxic environment that you have created here on CNN and cable news, which is a real crisis of legitimacy on your network, and we saw it with the extremely fake news you reported about the Don Jr./WikiLeaks story, that was a huge embarrassment for your network, just like it was a huge embarrassment for your network," Miller said.

"I'm getting to the issue of [your network's] fitness. The president's tweets absolutely reaffirm the plain-spoken truth: A self-made billionaire, revolutionized reality TV, and tapped into something magical that his happening the heart of people in this country. The people that you don't connect with and understand. The people whose manufacturing jobs have left, the people who have been besieged by high crime communities, and who have been affected by a policy of uncontrolled immigration. Those people and those voices and experiences don't get covered on this network," he said.

"Don't be condescending Jake... You have 24 hours a day of anti-Trump material, and you're not going to give three minutes for the American people to hear the real experience of Donald Trump," Miller urged.

"I get it," the host Jake Tapper said. "There's one viewer that you care about.

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