Donna Brazile to Critics: "Go To Hell"


Former DNC chair Donna Brazile joins former Clinton 1992 campaign staffer George Stephanopoulos to discuss her new book on the 2016 campaign. She said that those who are telling her to keep quiet about what happened with regard to Russian hackers, and the problems she discovered while running the Democratic Party can "go to hell."

"George, for those who are telling me to shut up, they told Hillary that a couple months ago. You know what I tell them? Go to hell. I’m going to tell my story," Brazile told ABC’s 'This Week' on Sunday.

Excerpts from Brazile's book have gained much attention this week with regard to the details of an agreement between the Clinton campaign's fundraising committee and the DNC.

"I'm not on the payroll, George. I care about my country. I care about our democracy," Brazile said. "And I say go to hell, because why am I supposed to be the only person that is unable to tell my story?"

DONNA BRAZILE: Do I regret taking on a job, for the second time in my life as chair of the party, cleaning up everybody's mess, taking all of the incoming, being unable to spend the funds that I raised, being on the road 100% of the time, being hacked by the Russians, being harassed with death threats, do I regret any of that?

This was worse than Hurricane Katrina in terms of emotional toll, but do I regret standing up for what is right, helping Hillary Clinton, helping the Democratic Party, let me just say this: As somebody who went through a hacking experience, being able to tell the truth about what happened with the Russians, do i regret any of that? No, I wish I could have done more...

To those who are telling me to shut up, and were telling Hillary that a few months ago:
Go to hell.

I'm going to tell my story.

Watch Brazile's full interview with George Stephanopoulos via ABC:

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