Roger Stone: DNC Hack Was An "Inside Job"


Former Trump adviser Roger Stone speaks to reporters closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday morning.

REPORTER: Is it still your view that Russians had nothing to do with the hacks of the DNC or Mr. Podesta?

ROGER STONE: That is my belief. I subscribe to the view published in The Nation magazine several weeks ago that the computer science seems to indicate an inside job. So, I don't know whether the DNC was hacked at all. I don't know that it was hacked by Russians.

Now on the basis of this report, I tend to believe that it was an inside job meaning the data was downloaded to say a thumb drive and spirited out of the building. I would point out that Craig Murray who was a British diplomat has said for the record that he received information from the DNC on a thumb drive and passed it to WikiLeaks.

Watch the full briefing:

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