Obama: "Elections Matter," The People Have Spoken


President Obama addressed Donald Trump's victory in his first press conference since the presidential election. People who did not vote for Trump will "have to recognize that's how democracy works," the outgoing president said.

"The people have spoken," Obama said Monday. "Donald Trump will be the next president. The 45th president of the United States. And it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. And those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works."

"That's how this system operates," Obama said. "When I won and there were a number of people who didn't like me and didn't like what I stood for and I think that whenever you've got an incoming president of the other side, particularly in a bitter election like this, it takes a while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. Hopefully it's a reminder that elections matter and that voting counts.

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