Donald Trump: The Loser

The two major party conventions, the three presidential debates, and various scandals large and small—all these features of the 2016 presidential general election have come and gone. Now the campaign draws to a close. And one outcome seems increasingly likely: Donald J. Trump will lose.We put it that way because Trump—after his impressive and even unprecedented outsider victory in the Republican primaries—has done more to lose the general election than his opponent, Hillary Clinton, has done to win it. It's also prudent to note that with two weeks left in an unpredictable political year, we could be surprised. But if history is any guide, a candidate who has never been ahead in the general election campaign and now trails by about six points (if not more) in the polls—and who has a 60 percent or so unfavorable rating—will not prevail on November 8. On that evening, Donald Trump will stand before us as a loser.

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