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Blagojevich: "I Didn't Do Anything Wrong"

Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) gives his closing statement at his impeachment trial: "How can you throw a governor out of office, and you haven't been able to show or prove any criminal wrongdoing? How can you throw a governor out of office who is clamoring and begging to bring witnesses...

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Jimmy Carter Offers Advice For Obama

CNN's Larry King talks with former President Jimmy Carter about his thoughts on President Obama, the Mideast, and the former President

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RNC Chairman Race Heats Up

The race for GOP Chairman is getting heated. Candidates for the top spot in the Republican party are savaging their opponents. One candidate even created a faux cover of USA Today to show what the...

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Boehner: Package Contains More Spending Than Stimulus

Rep. John Boehner contends the massive economic rescue plan includes more spending than stimulus.

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House Democrat Subpoenas Karl Rove Again

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has once again subpoenaed former Bush advisor Karl Rove.

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Pelosi Stammers Defending STD Education

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is unable to explain how spending over $300...

Limbaugh Proposes Bipartisan Stimulus Plan

Rush Limbaugh phoned in on 'Fox & Friends' this morning to explain his...

Coulter Reacts to Obama's Attack on Conservatives

Columnist and author Ann Coulter weighs in on the "liberal obsession" of conservative...

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