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"Special Report" Online Panel: Connection Between Ricin & Boston Bombing

Is there a connection between the two first successful terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11? the panel agrees that it would be a staggering coincidence for both to happen at the same time by chance. The panel also wonders why we have seen so few terrorist attacks in the past decade, when attacks like the one in Boston are seemingly so easy to carry out. Send to a Friend |

Krauthammer: Obama Using Newtown Families For Gun Control Is "Emotional Blackmail"




CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The question is: Would it have had any effect on Newtown? If you're going to make all these emotional appeals -- he's saying you're betraying the families -- you've got to show how if this had been law it would've stopped Newtown. It would not have. It’s irrelevant. I wouldn’t have objected, I might’ve gone the way of McCain or Toomey on this, but it's a kind of emotional blackmail as a way of saying, 'You have to do it for the children.' Not if there's no logic in this. And that I think is what’s wrong with the demagoguery that we've heard out of the president on this issue. (Special Report, April 17, 2013) Send to a Friend |

"Special Report" Panel: Senators Briefed About Ricin Sent To Sen. Wicker

Charles Krauthammer, A.B. Stoddard, and Jason Riley reflect on the implications of the poison ricin sent to Sen. Wicker's office. Send to a Friend |

Krauthammer: Ricin Sent To Senator Creates A "9/11 Feel" To Boston Bombing

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the relationship is important and the reason that there is a 9/11 feel is as I said last night, the attacks in Boston were the first successful bombing in the United States since 9/11. Eleven-and-a-half years. BRET BAIER: The embassy in Benghazi, obviously is U.S. soil but [you're referring to] inside the United States proper. KRAUTHAMMER: Inside the United States, in the homeland. And the scenes that we saw, a much smaller scale, of course, but it reminded us of 9/11. The people running in the streets of a great city, the smoke and the chaos, and the, you know, and the screams and the injuries. All of that was -- remember, we've intercepted and stopped a lot of the bombing attacks, all of them until now. So it had that -- the feel. I think that's the reason there was that resonance. Now all of the sudden we have, as happened on 9/11, with a chemical attack and then it has that whole picture. Again, we have to have a caveat. Is there any connection? Nobody knows, but it could be. (Special Report, April 16, 2013) Send to a Friend |

"Special Report" Panel Reacts To Explosions In Boston

Juan Williams, Charles Krauthammer, and Chris Hayes react to Monday's terrorist attack in Boston. Send to a Friend |

Krauthammer: "First Successful Bombing, Terror Explosion Since 9/11"




CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What strikes me is part of the reason for the psychological shock is that if you think about it, Bret, this is the first successful bombing -- terror explosion since 9/11. We've had some that were attempted, like the one in Times Square that never succeeded. We've had by my count, about ten terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 9/11, all of them have been shootings with one exception, which is a man who drove a car into a crowd at University of North Carolina. But this is the first explosion. I think that's what gives this the sort of psychological resonance. People running in the street of a big city, the smoke. Of course, it's nowhere near the scale of 9/11, but it's the first time. And I think that is sort of a historical echo that we're feeling and it reminds us of how vulnerable we felt at the beginning of this whole decade of terror. And that even though, we thought that we had largely escaped, and we have largely escaped, it is still out there. (Special Report, April 15, 2013) Send to a Friend |

Hume: "I Wouldn't Find Fault" With Obama Not Calling Boston Attack "Terror"

"You can attribute that to all kinds of reasons. I think he's being careful. If this is a terror attack, as it looks so much like it is, we will know soon enough. There is no reason to rush a characterization of that, in my opinion, and I wouldn't find fault with him not saying that," FOX News Brit Hume said about President Obama not calling the Boston bombing a "terror attack" in his evening statement on the event. Send to a Friend |

GOP Congressman: Boston Bombing Has Signature Of A Middle Eastern Terror Attack

REP. MIKE MCCAUL (R-TX), HOUSE HOMELAND SECURITY CHAIRMAN: It is very reminiscent of the Times Square bombing. And the fact that it's Patriots Day, I think has maybe some significance. As you and I were talking about earlier, there are reports, earlier reports that there were ball bearings used in these explosive devices, which is very consistent with IEDs. This is a preferred method and route of choice for the terrorists to kill Americans. So again, it's very early stages in the investigation. But if indeed there turn out to be ball bearings, I would consider that a significant factor in terms of this being a sort IED device that's very similar to what the terrorists used overseas in the Middle East. REP. MCCAUL: I have had some earlier reporting that there were shrapnel, ball bearings involved in these bombings. Again, that's very significant when you look at the signature threat down here. The signature threat of an IED is ball bearings. So if that indeed was the case here and we know two bombs went off, one was potentially self-detonated by the Coast Guard at the John F. Kennedy Library. If ball bearings were used, I think that's illustrative in terms of tracing back to the perpetrator and the motivation. (Special Report, April 15, 2013) Send to a Friend |

"Special Report" Panel: McConnell, This Week's Winners & Losers

Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams and Steve Hayes on the bugging of Mitch McConnell's office and this week's winners and losers. Send to a Friend |

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