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Oil Spill Blame Game

The firms involved with the Gulf oil rig spill face angry lawmakers in Washington. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

AG Holder Considering "Possibility Of A Court Challenge" To Arizona Law

Attorney General Eric Holder said federal officials are considering options including “the possibility of a court challenge.”

Rahm Emanuel: Health Care Was "Worth The Political Capital Spent"

"As [President Obama] said repeatedly -- which is a sign -- he was willing to spend, quote, unquote, 'the political capital' to get something done that was materially and politically, policy wise, important for the American people."

Sen. Scott Brown On The Health Care Bill

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) shares his views on the health care bill being debated.

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April 2009
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Cantor on "The Situation Room."
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February 2009
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Steele Vows GOP Comeback

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