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Karl Rove: Pastor Not Helpful For Rick Perry

Karl Rove deconstructs what Rev. Robert Jeffress said about Mormonism while at an event supporting Rick Perry. "Should this be the standard by which we judge people to be a true Christian?" Rove asked while going through several scenerios where one would have to decide who is the most Christian candidate. Send to a Friend |

Hume: "Risky" For Democratic Politicians To Embrace Operation Wall Street

Brit Hume says Democrats envious of the Tea Party are embracing the Operation Wall Street protests. Send to a Friend |

Coulter: Perry's Immigration Policy More Troubling Than RomneyCare

While noting RomneyCare is not a "free-market solution," author Ann Coulter says Perry's position on illegal immigration "is a much bigger problem." Coulter says the media will make an issue out of Mitt Romney's Mormon religion if he is the nominee. Send to a Friend |

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