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O'Reilly: Politics And Terrorism

Bill O'Reilly reflects on how the media and politicians are reacting to the latest terrorist incidents. Send to a Friend |

Dennis Miller Rips Obama, Axelrod & Barney Frank For Bombing Reactions

DENNIS MILLER: On day two, when the president says anytime bombs are used against innocents, it's terrorism -- at that point, day one, it becomes important to me. In a vague way, I just go, 'wow, yesterday he didn't say that.' And the second thing is, when he says we want to find out who did this and why they did this. I find why to be such a superfluous situation at that point. I don't need to know their alibi. I think when you parse madness it is a fool's errand. I just want to know who did it and I want them to be brought to justice. So there were a couple of things there. And lastly, when Axelrod says the president did not want to use the word terrorist because everybody knows what that means these days. I think he was saying that what they mean is radical Islamic terrorists. Listen, when I say food stamp recipients, I mean food stamp recipients. I don't mean black people. When I say terrorists, I mean terrorists. I don't necessarily mean Islamic terrorists. I want Axelrod to do the ultimate gesture and quit figuring out what I mean. ### DENNIS MILLER: Sometimes I find that liberals, in lieu of actual empathetic gestures -- heartfelt empathy -- they turn it into an affair of their mind. They intellectually empathize with you. Barney Frank will tell you everything he does is for the disenfranchised, the people under foot. And you just want to say, 'Can you start your empathy by just not being a jerk to the people you come across in your day-to-day life? Can you take a moment and not be so arrogant about your inner-voice, that you bring it out immediately in the wake of a tragedy like this and tell us what you feel. Be heartfelt empathetic, not head-driven empathetic. Send to a Friend |

O'Reilly: Another Terror Attack On American Soil

O'Reilly comments on the implications of the Boston Marathon terror attack. Send to a Friend |

Krauthammer: "Our Intelligence Has Really Been Awful" By "Undershooting" On The Big Issues

BILL O'REILLY: Now, here is where Charles and I disagree. I believe that U.S. intelligence has done a good job in protecting the nation, but you don't see it quite that way, correct? CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, they've done a very good job in protecting us from post-9/11 terror attacks. In fact, I think one of the reasons there was such shock and dismay yesterday as a result of this. This is the first time, I don't think people are aware of this. This is the first time there has been a successful bombing attack in the U.S. since 9/11. There have been a lot of terror attacks, about ten or so but they are all with guns. One was a guy driving a car into a crowd deliberately. So what we had yesterday was a scene, an urban scene, people screaming, a lot of smoke, people being hurt on the street. It had the resonance of 9/11. So in that sense, we've been very well protected. The place where our intelligence has really been awful is in understanding the big issues like the nuclear weapon issue in Iraq, where we undershot; in North Korea, where we're now being told we completely undershot. We learned last week this sort of hair-raising news that the North Koreans might have the capacity to put a nuke on a rocket, which we had been assured for years was years away. So we have a history of undershooting on what's happening abroad. (The O'Reilly Factor, April 16, 2013) Send to a Friend |

O'Reilly Blasts Obama For Calling Boston Attack A "Tragedy"

O'Reilly: "The President has addressed the nation and promised justice, but he made one mistake. The president called the attack a tragedy It was not. It was a vile act of violence designed to kill innocent people, including children. I was just in Boston yesterday, and this makes me sick. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but this week marks the anniversary of attacks in Oklahoma City, Columbine, Colorado, and Virginia Tech, also the Waco assault in 1993." Send to a Friend |

Rove On Recent Heckling: Conservatives Are Polite, Liberals Are Intolerant

KARL ROVE: Look, most of the crowd was respectful. We had a great evening, except for the lunatics. I had a number of kids -- look, I gave a speech for about 30, 35 minutes, I took questions for about close to an hour. There were kids that stood in line and said, 'Look, I disagree with everything you stand for and what you believe, but thanks for coming to campus, and here's my question.' And so, that's fine. But it is interesting to me, there is a segment of the left, you know, very ultra-liberal people who -- liberalism claims to be a tolerant, you know, sort of equality-oriented group of people. These people are not tolerant. They don't worry about other people's rights. When the police started taking people out of the auditorium at UMass, the rest of the people began to applaud. And I couldn't have been treated nicer. Send to a Friend |

O'Reilly: Far Left Is Running Wild Again

O'Reilly catalogues the "far-left" conquest of education. Send to a Friend |

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