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Worst scenario: Fla. surrounded by oil

Florida Senator Bill Nelson explains what steps Florida is taking to keep its beaches as oil free as possible.

CA-Gov, CA-Sen: Whitman, Fiorina Surging

A new KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll of likely Republican primary voters finds that Carly Fiorina has shot to the top of the nomination race for U.S. Senate, and Meg Whitman has retaken a huge lead in the gubernatorial race, as well.

Dale Peterson Ad Spoof: We're Better Than That, Too!

Dale Peterson's political ad with a few extras that were cut the first time. (source: Funny or Die)

Obama Uses Teleprompters To Address Factory Workers On "Main Street" Tour

Obama was in Ohio to promote his economic moves as he tries to persuade voters that times are getting better even while unemployment remains high. He was touring a pipe and tubing manufacturer in Youngstown before speaking.

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