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Harrison Ford: Obama Doing "All Things Considered, A Wonderful Job"

HARRISON FORD: "I think the President is doing, you know, all things considered, a wonderful job. I wish that the country were not so fractious as it is at the moment. I blame a lot of that on the press and the news business, and I wish it wasn't so. And I think it makes things very difficult, and I think we're at a moment of real political malaise and it needs to be changed. Something's got to happen and quick. So that we can regain the process, the very unique and critical political process which has always helped this nation to meet its challenges. It ain't happening." (Meet the Press: Press Pass, April 14, 2013) Send to a Friend |

"Meet The Press" Panel: Gillibrand, Lee On The Bottom Line

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mike Lee discuss the future of legislative initiatives moving forward on Capitol Hill. Send to a Friend |

Sen. Marco Rubio Explains Immigration Plan On "Meet The Press"

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) discusses the need for immigration reform and how the success of the Republican party may be tied to the issue. Send to a Friend |

"Meet The Press" Panel: March Jobs Numbers, Biden vs. Clinton?

The panel discusses the potential Biden-Clinton matchup in 2016, the March unemployment numbers, and more. - Fmr. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson - GOP Strategist Mike Murphy - Politico's Maggie Haberman - NBC's Andrea Mitchell - CNBC's Jim Cramer Send to a Friend |

Fmr. Dem Gov. Bill Richardson On Obama's "Sexist" Comment: Political Correctness Is "Out Of Control"

FMR. GOV. BILL RICHARDSON (D-NM): You know, maybe I'm a Neanderthal, but I thought the president's comment was harmless. It was a political speech. He talked about her accomplishments, he talked about her competence, and then he threw in that line. You know, you're at a political event. What, are you going to read her resume? So my point is this: You know, political correctness has reached the point where, you know, it's out of control. Am I going to be criticized, for instance, if I say that a movie star like Scarlett Johansson is beautiful? Are they going to go after me? Send to a Friend |

Graham On Obama: "Nuggets Of His Budget That I Think Are Optimistic"




SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): There are nuggets of his budget that I think are optimistic. It's overall a bad plan for the economy, but when you look at chained CPI and Medicare reductions, we're beginning to set the stage for the grand bargain. Chained CPI, harmonize the retirement age of Medicare with Social Security, do some means testing for both programs, and in return flatten the tax code, generate about $600 billion of revenue. And if you look at these changes over 30 years, it's $4-5 trillion saving. So I'm looking for the biggest spending cut in American history by reforming entitlements, saving those entitlements. And the president's showing a little bit of leg here. This is somewhat encouraging. His overall budget's not going to make it, but he has sort of made a step forward in the entitlement reform process that would allow a guy like me to begin to talk about flattening the tax code and generating more revenue. ### GRAHAM: I think if you do immigration and the grand bargain this year, we'll dominate the 21st century. Yes. The key to the grand bargain is can we solve immigration? If we can, in a bipartisan fashion, fix a broken immigration system to regain our lost sovereignty, control who comes to the country, who gets a job, a robust temporary worker program. And as to Republicans, the politics of self-deportation are behind us. Mitt Romney's a good man, he ran in many ways a good campaign, but it was an impractical solution. Quite frankly, it was offensive. Every corner of the Republican Party from libertarians, the R.N.C., House Republicans, and the rank-and-file Republican Party member is now understanding there has to be an earned pathway to citizenship. That gives us leverage on immigration with our Democratic friends. Send to a Friend |

Chuck Todd: Is Focus On Gay Marriage, Abortion "A Sign The Economy Is Coming Back?"

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: You know, Peggy, what's been interesting about this week is all of the big polarizing issues of the last two generations culturally all popped up in one week, and one of it had to do with the Supreme Court with gay marriage, with abortion. This culture wars, normally when it comes back, it's something that's helpful to Republicans. Is it good this time for the conservative movement to have these issues out there? PEGGY NOONAN, WALL STREET JOURNAL: I don't know. Yeah, I think, all of these cultural issues, as I guess- we call them, have been major issues in America for almost half a century, really. The abortion argument was going on 50 years ago, Roe came 40 years ago. It is hard to resolve these issues because they're not just cultural issues. They are moral issues and Americans feel differently about them. So I think one way or another, they'll probably be bubbling out there for a long time and it's not the worst thing. CHUCK TODD: So maybe a resolution in the law, but not in the way people feel. But is it also a sign the economy is coming back, Gene? EUGENE ROBINSON, WASHINGTON POST: Well, it usually is, isn't it, when people can think about other things, other than jobs. But, you know, I think some of these cultural issues are being resolved. I mean, we -- you know, gay marriage before the Supreme Court, obviously a hot-button issue. But you look at the polls, and you see 58% in our poll, Washington Post poll, in favor of it, 80% of adults under 30. That sounds like a decision rather than a question on that issue. (Meet the Press, March 31, 2013) Send to a Friend |

Noonan: Congress Missed Window To Act On Guns After Newtown

PEGGY NOONAN: I think a big part of this story is that people don't trust Congress. After Newtown, there was a great bubbling feeling of, "My goodness, there must be at least some things we can do legislatively to make this whole gun situation better." If the Congress, if the Senate had moved quickly on discrete, small bills, having to do with background checks, I mean quickly, in the weeks after Newtown-- CHUCK TODD: But they were discrete. These are small, incremental bills. PEGGY NOONAN: Move it quickly. Do it. Don't put it together into this big thing and then start to be talking about all these different kind of guns you're banning and having all these hearings. They failed to move quick and small. (via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller) Send to a Friend |

"Meet The Press" Panel: Social Policy: What Lies Ahead?

The Meet the Press panel discusses the wide spectrum of social reforms being discussed in Washington. Send to a Friend |

Sen. Jeff Flake: GOP Presidential Candidate Supporting Gay Marriage Is "Inevitable"

CHUCK TODD: Let me ask you on gay marriage. Could you support a Republican presidential candidate someday who supported same-sex marriage. SENATOR JEFF FLAKE (R-Arizona): Oh, I think that's inevitable. There will be one, and that I think he'll receive Republican support, or she will. So, I think that,that yes, that the answer is yes. TODD: And where are you in this issue? You say it's inevitable, are you -- Lisa Murkowski, a Republican colleague of yours called it evolving on the issue. Are you evolving, to use her words, on this issue? FLAKE: I believe, I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I still hold to the traditional definition of marriage. TODD: Is this something that you've thought -- are you thinking about? Could you imagine changing your position before you left the U.S. Senate? FLAKE: I can't. I'll tell you, in the past I supported repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, I supported the Non-Discrimination Act as well. So -- but I hold to the traditional definition of marriage. (Meet The Press, March 31, 2013) Send to a Friend |

Schumer On Immigration Reform: "Every Major Issue Has Been Resolved"

SENATOR CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): With the agreement between business and labor, every major policy issue has been resolved in the "Gang of Eight." … And so I am very, very optimistic that we will have an agreement among the eight of us next week. Senator Leahy has agreed to have extensive markup and debate on the bill in April. And then we go to the floor in-- God willing, in may. So I think we're on track. … But as Senator Rubio correctly says, we have said we will not come to final agreement till we look at all of the legislative language. And he's correctly pointing out that that language hasn't been fully drafted. There'll be little kerfuffles. But I don't think any of us expect there to be problems. Send to a Friend |

Axelrod: Immigration Reform Is "A Legacy Item" For President Obama

CHUCK TODD: David Axelrod, on immigration, a lot of Republicans don't believe the president wants to sign an immigration bill this year. They believe that he wants the politics, he wants the political issue-- because it's been so successful for Democrats, true or false? DAVID AXELROD: Well, I understand their paranoia, because it was a terribly difficult issue for them and continues to be. He wants this accomplishment. This is a legacy item for him. There is no doubt in my mind that he wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform. (Meet The Press, March 31, 2013) Send to a Friend |

Bloomberg On Personal Liberty: "I Don't Think We Should Ban Most Things"

MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: I do not think we should ban most things. I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom. And that is, for example, if you're drinking, we shouldn't let you drive because you'll kill somebody else. If you are carrying a gun, we shouldn't let you on an airplane. There's a lot of things that we do -- if there's asbestos in a classroom, we should remove the kids from the classroom til you clean the air. But in terms of smoking, if you want to smoke, I think you have a right to do so and I would protect that. If you want to own a gun, I certainly think that's constitutionally protected. You certainly have a right to have a gun if you want. If you want to eat a lot and get fat, you have a right to do it. But our job as government is to inform the public. Send to a Friend |

David Gregory vs. NRA's Wayne LaPierre: "Are You Thwarting The Will Of The American People?

DAVID GREGORY: All right, but let me ask you about background checks, because the mayor referred to the polling. 90% of Americans want universal background checks. Here is this survey from Quinnipiac this week. Among those people who own guns, 85% support. Are you thwarting the will of the American people by standing in opposition to universal background checks? WAYNE LAPIERRE: No, not at all because here's the thing: The whole thing, universal checks, is a dishonest premise. There's not a bill on the Hill that provides a universal check. Criminals aren't going to be checked. They're not going to do this. The shooters in Tucson, in Aurora, in Newtown, they're not going to be checked. They're unrecognizable. N.R.A. supported the national instant check system on dealers. We're a billion-- DAVID GREGORY: That was a reference to 1999 when you testified supporting-- WAYNE LAPIERRE: Yes. We're $1 billion into this system now. It's not fair, it's not accurate, it's not instant. The mental health records are not in the system, and they don't prosecute any of the criminals that they catch. It's a speed bump for the law abiding. It slows down the law abiding and does nothing to anybody else. (Meet the Press, March 24, 2013) Send to a Friend |

Bloomberg On Anti-Gun Ads: "I Have A Responsibility To Try To Make This Country Safer"

DAVID GREGORY: Will you target people, Republicans and Democrats, who do not support a weapons ban, an assault weapons ban, who do not vote for background checks -- will you spend money, lots of money, to target them in 2014, in the midterm race? MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: Well, let me phrase it this way. I think I have a responsibility, and I think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities, to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other. And if I can do that by spending some money and taking the N.R.A. from being the only voice to being one of the voices, so the public can really understand the issues, then I think my money would be well spent, and I think I have an obligation to do that. We're s-- DAVID GREGORY: So you'll spend money on ads? MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: We're starting to run ads today, or tomorrow -- I think I've spent $12 million on running ads in ten states around the country explaining to the public what the issues are, and how the -- and-- urging them to call their senators if they believe that we should have gun checks that stop criminals and people with mental illnesses from getting guns. They should call their senators. Send to a Friend |

"Meet The Press" Panel: Tidal Change On Gay Marriage

The roundtable looks at marriage equality through the lens of government's role in American family relationships. Send to a Friend |

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