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Larry King: 25 Years Of Making News

"The King" of late night talk hangs up his suspenders. Take a look at Larry King's most memorable moments. Send to a Friend |

Looking Back At "Larry King Live"

A look back at 25 amazing years of "Larry King Live." Send to a Friend |

Reaching For Peace In Mideast

CNN's Larry King sits down with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss Mideast peace efforts. Send to a Friend |

Will There Be Mideast Peace?

CNN's Larry King talks to top Israeli and Palestinian leaders regarding Mideast peace. Send to a Friend |

Influencing Peace In The Mideast

Larry King and guests Hani Masri and Haim Saban discuss ways to help influence peace between Israel and Palestine. Send to a Friend |

Putin: WikiLeaks Leak Is No Catastrophe

Russia's Vladimir Putin tells CNN's Larry King that leaks have happened before, and WikiLeaks is not a catastrophe. Send to a Friend |

Putin: We Are Thankful To Obama

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tells CNN's Larry King his thoughts on the arms race and President Obama. Send to a Friend |

Should Secret Documents Be Made Public?

Top officials are condemning WikiLeaks' release of thousands of leaked documents. Could this damage U.S. foreign policy? Send to a Friend |

Anti-American Or Pro-Democracy?

Experts on opposing sides of the issues debate whether WikiLeaks is beneficial or detrimental to Americans' interests. Send to a Friend |

Woodward Reacts To WikiLeaks

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post gives his thoughts on the publication of leaked government documents. Send to a Friend |

Bush 41: Jeb Would Be A Good President

George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara talk to Larry King about the 2012 election, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and more. Send to a Friend |

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