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Malkin On Obama's Trip To Israel: "He Shouldn't Have Gone"

MICHELLE MALKIN: Yeah, well I think the White House photo album will reflect that this entire trip was one of faux friendship photo-ops, on both sides of the border. Yesterday, of course, I think the unspoken words at the end of Obama's declaration that he supported an unbreakable alliance between Israel and America was the phrase despite my best efforts to break it. And then of course today, I think one of the most remarkable statements that came out was his comparison of Israeli and Palestinian relations to U.S. and Canada relations, which had a lot of jaws dropping on Twitter this morning. Because I can't recall that Canada has been lobbing missiles at the United States the past half-century. ### MALKIN: He shouldn’t have gone in the first place, I think. I think it's clear that our Nobel Prize-winner in chief has been pretty happy with the status quo that he is now sanctimoniously condemning on this trip. Send to a Friend |

Dr. Ben Carson On Limbaugh Saying Dems Are Scared Of Him

"I certainly hope so," Dr. Benjamin Carson said in response to Rush Limbaugh's comment that Democrats are scared to death of him. Send to a Friend |

Dr. Ben Carson On Paul Ryan's Budget: "It Works"

DR. BEN CARSON: "We have to be cognizant of whether we in fact want to be a nation where we rule our own lives, or whether we have the government invading every aspect of our life. This is a very, very serious issue and I think a lot of people are asleep at the wheel and we have to keep sounding the alarm until people recognize that we're giving away the freedoms of our nation." Send to a Friend |

Sen. Rubio: "My Mouth Got Dry, And I Had To Get Some Water"

"My mouth got dry, and I had to get some water," Sen. Marco Rubio said on "FOX & Friends" on Wednesday morning when asked about the sip of water he took during his response to the president's State of the Union address. "You know, when you give a speech, you have a podium and the water is right there, but when you don’t, then you’ll start looking around thinking, ‘Where am I going to get the water from?’ I figured I was better off just taking that water and taking the hit for it then being unable to pronounce my words at the end of it. It’d been a long day at work. We’d already done an 18-minute recording in Spanish — and you know, my mouth got dry, what can I say? But I was happy overall with what we were able to deliver in the speech." Send to a Friend |

Donald Trump: Jindal "Stupid" For Calling Republicans Stupid

DONALD TRUMP: "I think he was stupid for using that term because that term is so obnoxious and so good for the other side that he should not have used that term. Because that term is going to be living now with the Republican Party for a long time and they’re going to have his face on television saying it for the next four years." Send to a Friend |

Jindal: Any Republican Thinking About 2016 "Needs To Get Their Head Examined"

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL (R-LOUISIANA): "Anybody on the Republican side even thinking or talking about running for president in 2016, I've said, needs to get their head examined. And the reason I say that is, we've lost two presidential elections in a row, we need to be winning the debate of ideas, then we'll win elections." Send to a Friend |

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