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Election 2014 - Campaign Ads

LA: Ad: "We'd Lose Mary Landrieu's Clout For This?"

KY: Alison Grimes Ad Says She Has "Momentum"

NH: Mitt Romney Promises A "New Direction" With Scott Brown

AR: "Natl Organization For Marriage" Asks: Does Pryor Support Gay...

CO: Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton Out For Mark Udall

CO: Cory Gardner Releases Ad In Spanish

MA: Scott Brown Ad: A Vote For Shaheen Is A Vote For The Obama Agenda

NC: President Obama Supports Kay Hagan In Last-Minute Radio Ad

GOP Video Hits Back At Dems Who "Degrade Women"

AR: Tom Cotton Ad: Pryor Says "Plenty Of Nasty Stuff About Me"

IA: Bruce Braley's Closing Ad: "I'm A Bridge-Builder"

NH: President Clinton Radio Ad For Shaheen: "Vote For Progress Not...

KY: Crossroads Attacks "Obama's Candidate" Alison Grimes

MN: Sen. Al Franken "Kept His Head Down And Delivered"

OR: AFF: Taxpayers Have Paid Jeff Merkley $1 Million

KS: Pat Roberts Ad: Greg Orman Could Be "Embarrassing"

IA: Joni Ernst's Closing Ad: "America Is At A Crossroads"

NC: Crossroads GPS "Spelling Bee" Ad Spells Hagan: O-B-A-M-A

IA: DSCC: Joni Ernst Wants To Privatize Social Security

NC: Mitt Romney Says Thom Tillis Will "Shake Up Washington"

LA: DSCC: Bill Cassidy Wants Us To Work "Until We're 70"

NC: DSCC: With Tillis, "There's A Lot At Stake"

CO: NARAL Ad Says Gardner Would Ban Birth Control, Condoms

IA: NEA Advocacy Fund: "Do Your Homework" On Joni Ernst

IA: Giffords' Gun Control Group Targets Joni Ernst

KS: Roberts Ad: Greg Orman "Parntered With Convicted Criminal"

AR: DSCC A Vote For Cotton Is A "Vote Against Women"

AR: NRSC Says Pryor Is "Not The Same Guy He Was"

KY: "Opportunity Coalition" Launches Closing Attack on Grimes

NH: Scott Brown's Closing Argument: "Shaheen Votes With Obama 99% of...

AK: DSCC: "Everything You Need To Know Abut Dan Sullivan"

VA: Ed Gillespie: I'll Protect The Redskins Team Name

KS: Rand Paul Airs Ad Supporting Pat Roberts

MN: Al Franken: Mike McFadden's Company Laid Off Hundreds

WV: Natalie Tennant's Tear-Jerking Attack On Capito

AR: Mark Pryor Ad Savages "Only Tom Cotton"

GA: David Perdue's Mother Says He "Does His Best"

IA: Chuck Grassley Endorses Joni Ernst: "She Believes in the Iowa Way"

NC: Country Music Singer Endorses Thom Tillis

CO: NextGen Climate Targets Cory Gardner on Abortion "Deception"

CO: Mark Udall Gives A "Director's Cut" of Attacks on Gardner's...

NC: NRSC Uses Hagan's "Own Words" Against Her

IA: AFP Ad: Bruce Braley Sued His Neighbor Over Chickens

CO: Mark Udall Ad: Don't Forget Cory Gardner's Personhood Bill

CO: Conservative Ad: Udall Is Part of the "War On Hispanic Values"

CO: Mark Udall Ad Touts "Balanced Energy Strategy"

CO: Crossroads GPS: "Danger Is Closer To Home" Than Udall Thinks

NH: "Ending Spending" Fund Replays Shaheen Debate "Gaffe"

AK: Democrat Mark Begich Is "Fighting Like Hell" To Fix Healthcare Law

CO: Chamber Of Commerce Targets Mark Udall In Spanish

FL: Marco Rubio Supports Cory Gardner

KY: Mitch McConnell Ad: "Hypocrisy"

IA: Joni Ernst: Washington Is As Dirty As A Pig Pen

GOP Web Ad Slams Obama's "Strong Supporters"

IA: Bruce Braley: Electing Ernst Would Have Painful "Consequences"

KY: Women Voters Say Mitch McConnell "Represents Me"

SD: Pro-Weiland Group Targets Rounds on Honesty

KY: PAC: "Big Money" Mitch McConnell's 69 Billionaire Donors

IA: Bruce Braley Ad: Joni Ernst Wants To Help Outsourcers

NH: Jeanne Shaheen: Scott Brown's Record Is "No Laughing Matter"

KS: Pat Roberts Ad Targets Orman's Business Record

OR: Monica Wehby Ad: Jeff Merkley's "New Normal"

GA: David Perdue Ad: I Won't Fit In With Obama & Michelle Nunn

IA: VoteVets Ad Supports Bruce Braley

KS: Greg Orman Ad: Independent "Really Shaking Things Up"

LA: American Crossroads: Mary Landrieu "Lives Lavishly"

NC: Crossroads GPS Hits Kay Hagan With Two New Ads

AR: Crossroads GPS: "What Happened To Mark Pryor?"

KY: "Lifelong Democrats" Endorse Mitch McConnell

AK: "American Crossroads" Targets Mark Begich on ANWR

WV: Sen. Rockefeller Endorses Natalie Tennant

NH: Scott Brown Slams Obama & Shaheen's "Energy Tax"

GA: Nunn Ad: Photo of Me With Obama Was Taken at Bush Event

MN: Al Franken "Working To Pass Law" on Student Loans

CO: Cory Gardner Appears in Ad With His Grandmother

NC: DSCC Targets Thom Tillis Over Birth Control

MN-8: NRA Says Rick Nolan Is A "Gun Rights Poser"

NC: Thom Tillis Ad Says Hagan Profited From Stimulus

IA: American Crossroads Says Bruce Braley Is "Too Partisan"

GA: DSCC: David Perdue's "Devastating" Education Cuts

CO: "Freedom Partners Action Fund" Takes Aim At Mark Udall

IA: AFSCME: "Oil Billionaires Are Buying Joni Ernst"

VA: Ed Gillespie: "Warner-Obama Policies Are On The Ballot"

IA: NARAL Targets Joni Ernst & Susan B. Anthony List

AK: NRSC Says Begich Is Digging Alaska Into A Hole

CO: "Slick TV Ads Don't Change" Gardner's Record

NC: Rand Paul Endorses Thom Tillis "As A Physician & Senator"

IA: Joni Ernst & The Key To A Great Biscuit

KY: Democratic Women Senators Say "It's Time for Alison!"

NC: AFSCME: "Fool Me Once, Shame On Thom Tillis"

KS: "Republicans For Greg Orman"

NC: Family Research Council Targets Kay Hagan on Obamacare

CO: Cory Gardner Ad: Udall's Campaign Is "Too Tired And Mean"

IA: NextGenClimate Targets Joni Ernst on Climate Change

MI: Terry Lynn Land: "Moms Like Me Get Things Done"

"Americans For Prosperity" Targets Senate Democrats

IA: NRSC: Bruce Braley Proudly Supported Obamacare

LA: Crossroads GPS: "Mary Landrieu Left Louisiana Behind"

IA: DSCC Says Ernst "Doesn't Share Our Values"

AR: "Billionaires Spending Millions" To Elect Tom Cotton

MA-6: Democrat Seth Moulton's Final Ad Emphaszes Military Service

FL-26: Chamber Of Commerce Slams Dem Joe Garcia: "Wrong For Florida"

CA-52: Chamber of Commerce Calls Republican Carl De Maio "Corrupt"

NH-2: Marlinda Garcia: Try Something New, "Energy Indepndence"

GA-12: AFF Ad Targets "Obama Lapdog" John Barrow

NV-4: Crossroads GPS Targets Steven Horsford On Cronyism

MN-8: DCCC: "Don't Hand Stewart Mills A Seat"

NE-2: NRCC Targets Brad Ashford Over Sex Offenders

NY-1: AAN Ad: "Backroom Dealer" Tim Bishop Plays "The Game"

IA-2: DCCC: Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks Is An Outsourcer

IA-1: DCCC: "Millionaire" Rod Blum Wants To "Raise Retirement Age"

WV-3: CounterPAC: Who's Pulling Nick Rahall's Strings?

PA-6: Ad: Dr. Trivedi Served In Iraq, While Costello Was A Politician

FL-2: GOP Group Targets Gwen Graham on Obamacare

CA-7: GOP Group: "We Can't Afford" More Of Ami Bera's "Lies"

AZ-2: GOP PAC: Ron Barber Will "Take Your Vote And Give It To Pelosi"

NH-1: Carol Shea-Porter Votes With Pelosi "95% of the Time"

AZ-1: House Republican PAC Mocks Ann Kirkpatrick's "Tantrums"

MN-8: PAC: "Rick Nolan Is What's Wrong With Washington"

IL-12: NRCC: "With Bill Enyart, Nothing Will Change"

NY-19: NRCC Calls Sean Eldridge A "Hypocrite"

IL-10: DCCC Ad Targets Bob Dold on Birth Control

IA-1: DCCC Targets "Millionaire Rob Blum"

IL-12: DCCC Says Mike Bost Would Make DC Worse

NH-2: DCCC: Don't Waste Vote On Marlinda Garcia

FL-26: DCCC Targets Curbelo With Two Ads In Spanish

WV-3, GA-12: NRCC Targets Obama's "Folks Who Vote With Me"

NH-2: Marlinda Garcia: Try Something New, "Reform The Tax Code"

AZ-2: Ron Barber Targets "Martha McSally y Los Republicanos" in...

MA-6: VoteVets Endorses Veteran Seth Moulton

MA-6: Richard Tisei: "Grassroots Grow on Wall Street?"

AZ-2: Dem Ron Barber Targets Martha McSally in Spanish

NY-18: House Majority PAC Attacks "Tea Party Radical" Nan Hayworth

AZ-1: While Andy Tobin Lined His Pockets, Arizona Suffered

TX-23: DCCC Targets Republican Bill Hurd: "We've Heard Enough"

NE-2: NRCC Tells Murder Story, Blames Democrat Brad Ashford

NY-24: DCCC Says John Katko Wants To Outlaw Abortion

MN-8: DCCC: Stewart Mills Is For Himself, Not You

IA-3: NRA Ad: Bloomberg & Stacy Appel "Gun Control Agenda"

IL-12:DCCC Slams Mike Bost Over Rants & Raves

FL-26: NRCC Ad: Enough is Enough With Joe Garcia

MN-7: NRCC Slams Collin Peterson For Personal Spening

FL-2: NRCC Releases New Positive & Negative Ads

GA-12: Democrat Rep: I'm Taking On Obama To Build Keystone Pipeline

IL-12: Bill Enyart Ad On Mike Bost: "Imagine What He'd Be Like..."

AR-2: Patrick Henry Hays: Check Out How I Balanced The Budget Here

HI-1: Pro-Veterans Group Supports Democrat Mark Takai

AZ-2: Gabby Giffords Endorses "Independent, Courageous" Ron Barber

AZ-2: Republican Martha McSally Runs Bio Ad In Spanish

CT-5: Elizabeth Esty Ad: "My Mom Donated Her Pay To Veterans"

CA-52: Scott Peters Ad: Republican Carl De Maio "Shut Down The...

FL-26: "House Majority PAC" Says Carlos Curbelo Is "Dangerous"

AZ-1: NRCC Ad: Kirkpatrick Leaves Arizona Vulnerable To ISIS...

NY-19: DCCC Ad Hits Tea Party Millionaire "Radical" Nan Hayworth

CA-52: DCCC Targets "Tea Party" Carl de Maio on Student Loans

WV-3: "House Majority" PAC: Evan Jenkins Is On "Their Side. Not Ours."

NH-2: Republican Marilinda Garcia Ad: "A New Generation" &...

TX-23: NRCC: "Radical Environmentalists" "Paid For Gallego's Seat"

FL-2: Gwen Graham Ad: "I Wasn't Even There" When They Voted on...

VA-10: NRCC Defends Barbara Comstock, Slams John Foust

IA-3: "Stacy Appel Must Think Iowans Are Fools"

AR-2: Democrat Patrick Henry Hayes Slams "Corrupt Banker" French Hill

IA-3: DCCC: "DC David Young" Works For Wall Street Banks

FL-2: DCCC: Steve Southerland "Has Lost Touch"

NH-2: DCCC Targets Republican Marlinda Garcia on Abortion

DCCC Slams Carl De Maio's "Tea Party Agenda"

NY-1: "House Majority PAC" Takes on Lee Zeldin

GA-12: NRCC: John Barrow Supports Obama 85% of the Time

NY-18: When Pelosi Acts, Maloney Follows

Chamber of Commerce Launches Barrage of Ads at Northeast Races

CA-31: Paul Chabot Would Devastate Education

DCCC: Stewart Mills Is For Himself, Not You

IL-10: New Bob Dold Ads Take On Bipartisanship, Healthcare

IL-12: DCCC Ad: Mike Bost's Tanrums Are "Really Concerning"

NY-24: NRCC Slams Dan Maffei On National Security

IA-3: NRCC Ad: "Tough" David Young "Would Revoke The Passports" Of...

MN-8: NRCC Says Rick Nolan Cut Funding For War on Terror

AZ-2: NRCC Says Ron Barber Voted Against Border Funding

AZ-2: Ron Barber Ad Says He Was Named "Fourth Most Independent"

IL-12: NRCC: Jerry Cannon Has His Head In The Sand

AZ-1: DCCC Ad "Couldn't Beleive" Andy Tobin's Record

AZ-2: Anti-Gun Group Slams Republican Martha McSally With Emotional Ad

GA-12: NRCC Ad Hits John Barrow On Tax-Funded Abortions

IL-12: Mike Bost Is "Disappointed and Even Angry" About Obama's...

FL-18: Carl Domino: It Doesn't Take An Action Hero To Save You From...

CA-52: DCCC Ad Says Carl De Maio Owes Tea Party Everything

CA-52 Ad: Carl DeMaio Will Protect Your Money in Washington

Frank Wolf Endorses Former Staffer Barbara Comstock

Scott Peters Ad: Carl De Maio Is "Funded By Tea Party Extremists"

PAC Ad: Is "Dark Money Mike" Coffman Funded By Russian Oil...

DCCC: Lifestyles of Doug Ose: "Trips Around the World Paid For By Tax"

NRCC Ad: Bill Enyart "Is Not Who We Thought"

NRCC Ad: Ron Barber Stands With Pelosi & Obama

Gwen Graham For Congress: End Tax Breaks For Corporations

Ann Callis Ad: "It's Time To Trim Some Fat" In DC

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Rahall Is A "Typical Washington Politician"

Chamber of Commerce: Ami Bera "Didn't Take Long To Become Part Of The...

DCCC Ad Slams Andy Tobin For Education Cuts

Ami Bera: When Republicans Forced A Shutdown, I Gave Up Pay

DCCC Ad Reminds Voters About Michael Grimm's Criminal Record

WI: Bill Clinton Stumps For Mary Burke: "Building The Middle Class"

ME: Barbara Bush: "Why We Support Paul Le Page"

FL: "On Day One" Charlie Crist Will Support Equal Pay

IL: Former Gov. Jim Edgar Endorses Bruce Rauner

PA: Tom Wolf Touts Newspaper Endorsements

TX: Wendy Davis's Final Ad: "It Is Your Vote"

MA: RGA Mocks "Stumbling" Martha Coakley With "Benny Hill Theme"

NH: RGA Ad Slams Maggie Hassan's "Record"

CT: "Connecticut Forward" Ad Says Tom Foley "Not For Us"

KS: RGA: If You Like Obama, You'll Love Paul Davis

WI: Mary Burke Ad: Remember Scott Walker's "Divison, Crimes, Broken...

CT: Dan Malloy Ad Targets "Multimillionaire Tom Foley"

SC: Nikki Haley Ad: "Our State Is Back!"

IL: Pat Quinn Ad: "You Know Me," Rauner Wants "Tax Cuts For...

FL: Bill Clinton Endorses "Peoples' Governor" Charlie Crist

ME: RGA Ad Slams Mike Michaud's "Priorities"

WI: Michelle Obama Endorses Mary Burke: "No Photo ID Needed"

ME: Mike Michaud Ad: Paul Le Page Is A "Divisive Embarrasment"

PA: Tom Corbett Ad: Tom Wolf's Taxes Are A Horror Show

FL: Marco Rubio Supports Charlie Crist en Espanol

MD: Lt. Gov. Nominee Boyd Rutherford: "We're Competing For Your Vote"

GA: Nathan Deal Ad Touts HOPE Scholarship

CT: Tom Foley Ad: Dan Malloy Had His Chance

NextGen Climate Targets Rick Scott: "For The Powerful Few"

MA: Republican Charlie Baker Ad In Spanish

CO: Bob Beauprez Hits Hickenlooper On Public Safety

MI: DGA Says Rick Snyder Fights for the Wealthy

MD: Women Explain Why They're Voting For Larry Hogan

TX: Ad: Get Out And Vote [For Greg Abbott]

ME: Republican Governors Ad Boosts Paul LePage

NH: RGA Says Maggie Hassan Is "Taxing And Spending"

TX: Wendy Davis Ad: "Texas Forever"

AZ: RGA Says Fred Duval Is "Too Slick"

FL: Charlie Crist Ad: "How Many Lies Can Rick Scott Tell In 60...

CO: "Banker Bob Beauprez" Made Money Off Bank Failure

TX: Abbott: Time For Texas To Be #1 In Woman-Owned Business

CO: Beauprez: The Search For John Hickenlooper's Agenda

FL: Jeb Bush Narrates Ad For Rick Scott in Spanish

FL: Climate Denier Rick Scott Is A "Caveman"

IL: Quinn Hits Rauner For Mismanaging Nursing Homes

GA: Ad: Jason Carter's Wife "Doesn't Have Stomach For Politics"

SC: Nikki Haley Ad Features Husband In National Guard: "Pride"

GA: Jason Carter: After Being Governor, Nathan Deal Is Rich

FL: "American Bridge" Mocks Rick Scott's "Fan-tastic" Debate

FL: Republicans Slam Charlie Crist For Job Losses

MI: DGA Ad Slams Rick Snyder's "Priorities"

IL: Quinn Ad: "Bruce Rauner: Business Noir"

IL: Pat Quinn TV Ad - "Loved Ones"

MA: DGA Slams Charlie Baker: "Award-Winning Outsourcer"

IL: "American Bridge" Targets "Billionaire Bruce Rauner"

MI: RGA Targets Mark Schauer On Energy

MD: DGA Ad: Can We Really Take A Risk On Larry Hogan?

AR: Democrat Mike Ross Slams "Washington Lobbyist" Asa Hutchinson

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski on Wendy Davis' Anti-Abbott Wheelchair Ad: "I...

WI: Mary Burke Ad: Scott Walker Thinks We Don't Have A Jobs Problem

GA: NRA Ad Says Nathan Deal "Kept his Word"

CO: Mark Udall Ad: You'll Get A Ballot In The Mail

FL: Charlie Crist Ad: Rick Scott Is "Too Shady For The Sunshine State"

NARAL Pro-Choice America: Scott Walker, "You Are Not Being Honest"

WI: Mary Burke Ad: With Walker, Wisconsin Is "Dead Last In Midwest"

IL: Quinn Ad: Bruce Rauner Outsources Jobs

TX: Wendy Davis Ad: "A Tree Fell On Greg Abbott" And "He Sued"

SC: Nikki Haley Will Help You "Achieve Your Hopes and Dreams"

ID: A.J. Balukoff "The Accountant" Will Fight the "Good Ole' Boy...

CT: Dan Malloy Slams Dan Foley For Having A $5 Million Yacht

RI: Fung Ad: Gina Rainmondo: Not One Of Us

IL: Pat Quinn Calls Rauner's Ads "Flat Out Lies"

FL: NextGenClimate Targets Rick Scott In Spanish

WI: Ad: Scott Walker's Famous Tax Cut: Millions For Corporations, $11...

MI: Ad: "Rick Snyder Supports Education"

CT: Tom Foley Ad: Dan Malloy Has A Truthfulness Problem

GA: RGA: "Jason Carter: Just Another Politician"

IL: Quinn: "Billionaire Bruce Rauner" Would Cut His Own Taxes

ME: RGA Ad: "Benefits & Bonuses" For Mike Michaud

MI: Schauer: "It's No Wonder Gov. Snyder's Economy Isn't Working"

AZ: RGA Says Fred Duval Is A "Slick Lobbyist"

WI: Mary Burke: Scott Walker's Wisconsin "Dead Last" In Jobs

DGA Ad Targets Bob Beauprez On Abortion & Birth Control

FL: NRA Ad: "Charlie Crist Opposes Your Gun Rights"

FL: Charlie Crist Slams Rick Scott Over Shady Business Dealings

IL: Michelle Obama Appears in Ad for Pat Quinn

CO: RGA Releases New Ad Targeting Hickenlooper

WI: Mary Burke Ad Features Businesses She Grew

IL: Quinn Ad: "Welcome to Rauneropoly!"

FL: Charlie Crist: Rick Scott Put Profits Ahead of Patients

IL: Bruce Rauner Ad Says "He Can't Be Bought"

ME: "Maine Forward" Ad: Paul Le Page Is "Taking Our State Backwards"

IL: Pat Quinn Ad Features Town Devastated by Tornado

AR: RGA Ad: "Mike Ross Spends Like Nancy Pelosi"

ME: RGA Says Michaud Would Make "A Welfare Destination State"

IL: Pat Quinn Targets Bruce Rauner In Spanish

IL: Bruce Rauner Ad Says There Is "Culture Of Patronage" Under Quinn

MI: Mark Shauer: Snyder Gave Billions In Tax Breaks to Big Business

CO: Bob Beauprez Ad Outlines Education Program

RGA Hawaii Ad: David ige Gave Us "Paradise Lost"

RGA Attacks "Lobbyist" Fred Duval On College Costs

RGA Ad: Paul Le Page "Is A Real Person"

Mary Burke Ad Invokes Reagan Against Scott Walker

Nikki Haley Ad: She Fought For North Carolina

RGA Maine Ad Promotes Gov. LePage's Social Reforms

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