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Election 2010 - Campaign Ads

AK-Sen: Miller Ad: Murkowski A "Bad Fit For Alaska"

AK-Sen: Murkowski Ad: "What Kind Of America Does Joe Miller Live In?"

NV-Sen: Angle Ad: "They Promised Change. Now It's Our Turn"

IL-Sen: Kirk: "Reckless"

WI-Sen: Feingold: "Trust"

NV-Sen: Reid Ad Calls Angle "Pathological"

KY-Sen: Paul Ad: "Rand's Promise"

LA-Sen: Melancon Ad Calls Vitter A "Disgraced Senator"

NC-Sen: Marshall Ad: "The Difference"

NV-Sen: Angle Ad: "Now It's Our Turn"

KY-Sen: Dem Ad: "Rand Paul. Stomping On You"

CT-Sen: Stephanie McMahon Praises Mother In Ad

PA-Sen: Toomey Ad: "Why Are Democrats Supporting Pat Toomey?"

WI-Sen: Johnson Ad: "Russ Feingold A Maverick? Not Anymore"

WI-Sen: Feingold Ad: "Testimony"

MO-Sen: Carnahan Ad: "A Fresh, Honest Approach"

MO-Sen: Blunt Ad: "A Strong Voice For Change"

IL Senate Candidate Giannoulias Features Michelle Obama In Ad

NV-Sen: Reid Ad: "Sharron Angle's Nevada"

NV-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Did Harry Reid Save The World Or Is He The Villain?"

PA-Sen: Sestak Ad: "Independent Voice"

CA-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Nothing Will Change"

KY-Sen: Paul Ad: "How Can We Ever Trust Jack Conway Again?"

DE-Sen: O'Donnell Ad: Coons Is "Rubber Stamp Man"

PA-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Pat Toomey. He's Not For Us"

PA-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Status Quo Joe"

FL-Sen: Crist Urges Voters To Oppose "Extremism" Of Palin, Tea Party,...

WV-Sen: Manchin Ad: "Give Me The Chance To Shake Up Washington"

IL-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Who Did Mark Kirk Stand Up For? Not Us"

AK-Sen: Miller Ad: "My Opponent Is Not A Witch"

FL-Sen: Rubio Ad: "A Generational Choice"

OH-Sen: Portman: Future Generations

NV-Sen: Reid Ad: "More Than Wrong"

NV-Sen: Angle Ad: "Is There Anyone Harry Reid Hasn't Insulted?"

CA-Sen: Fiorina Hits Boxer For Cisco Connection In Ad

CA-Sen: Boxer Ad: "Fiorina Never Cared About Our Jobs"

WV-Sen: Raese Ad: "Never A Rubber Stamp"

WI-Sen: Feingold Ad: "Johnson Has No Plans"

CO-Sen: NRSC Ad: "We Need A Senator For Us, Not Them"

CA-Sen: Fiorina Ad: "The Legacy Of Barbara Boxer"

CO-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Ken Buck Doesn't Get It"

KY-Sen: NRSC Ad: Conway Is Trying To "Change The Subject"

CT-Sen: DSCC Ad Hits McMahon For "Tipping Off" Doctor Distributing...

NV-Sen: Reid Ad: "We Need The Majority Leader"

NV-Sen: Angle Ad: "It's Clear Whose Side Reid's On, And It's Not...

WV-Sen: Manchin Ad: "John Raese's Ideas Are Crazy"

FL-Sen: Rubio Ad: "Will Our Children Inherit A Diminished Country?"

AK-Sen: NRSC Ad: "We Can't Afford Scott McAdams"

AK-Sen: Murkowski Ad: "Sitka Is Lisa Murkowski Territory"

AK-Sen: McAdams Ad: "I'll Never Put My Party Leaders Before Alaskans"

WA-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Patty Murray: A Striking Transformation"

WA-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Why Would The Women Of WA Ever Trust Rossi?"

NV-Sen: SEIU Ad: "Angle Too Dangerous to Have Real Power"

NV-Sen: Angle Ad: "Welcome To Nevada, Mr. President"

DE-Sen: Coons Ad: "The O'Donnell Zone"

IL-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Mark Kirk Serves Himself. Not Us."

NH-Sen: Ayotte Ad: "Hodes Can't Run From His Record"

AK-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Joe Miller Is On Our Side"

KY-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Jack Conway. He's Gone Too Far"

NV-Sen: Angle Ad: "How Did Harry Reid Get So Wealthy?"

CO-Sen Ad: "Tell Ken Buck Colorado Women Deserve Respect"

CO-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Ken Buck Will Be Our Senator, Not Theirs"

KY-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Rand Paul Definitely Doesn't Get Kentucky"

WV-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Manchin Is Hunting For Votes"

PA-Sen: Toomey Ad Hits Sestak On Bailout Votes

CT-Sen: McMahon Ad: "I'm Not Going To Forget"

CT-Sen: Blumenthal Ad: "You Can Count On Me To Fight For You"

IL-Sen: Giannoulias Ad: "I Wouldn't Trust Kirk With My Left Shoe"

CA-Sen: Fiorina Ad: "Your Agenda, Not Mine"

IL-Sen: CrossroadsGPS Ad: "Tax Scandal For Alexi. More Taxes For You"

NV-Sen: NRSC Ad Hits Reid For Living At The Ritz-Carlton

WA-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Profits"

CT-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Contracts"

NV-Sen: DSCC Ad: "Boxer"

CT-Sen: McMahon Ad: "Another Blumenthal Lie"

WA-Sen: Rossi Ad: "Who Wrote The Bill?"

IL-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Tax Increase"

PA-Sen: Ad: "Toomey Stands Up For Jobs"

CA-Sen: Fiorina Ad: Boxer Has "Zero Ideas On How To Create Jobs"

CA-Sen: Emily's List: "Opera" Ad Attacks Fiorina's HP Record

WV-Sen: Manchin Ad: "John Raese Uses People"

WA-Sen Ad: "What Is It With Dino Rossi And Lobbyists?"

KY-Sen: Conway Ad Raises Questions About Paul's Religious Beliefs

MO-Sen: Blunt Ad: "Protecting Missouri"

KY-Sen: Paul Ad: "Jack Conway: False Witness"

IL-Sen: Kirk Ad: "You Must Be Kidding"

AK-Sen: Murkowski Ad: "Miller Is A One-Man Economic Disaster"

CO-Sen: Buck Ad: "Ken Buck's Extremes"

Obama Radio Ad For Boxer: We've "Stood Shoulder To Shoulder"

KY-Sen: Conway Ad: "Kentucky Voters Value The Truth. Rand Paul...

KY-Sen: NRSC Ad: "Skyrocket"

PA-Sen: Sestak Ad: "Toomey's Attacking Me For Cleaning Up His Mess"

CA-Sen: Boxer Ad: "Out Of Touch"

AK-Sen: Ad Asks "Do You Really Know Joe Miller?"

WA-Sen: NRSC Ad: Murray's Solution To Economic Woes? "Spend More"

From The Grave: Fmr. Sen. Ted Stevens Endorses Murkowski

MO-Sen: Carnahan Ad: "Can't Hide Blunt's Record Of Sticking It To Us"

WV-Sen: DSCC Ad: "For Raese, Jobs Are Just Another Line On A...

IN-Sen: Coats Ad: Ellsworth Voted For Medicare Cuts

NV-Sen: Reid Ad: Angle Is "Wild"

DNC Ad: Obama: "We Cannot Sit This One Out"

FL-22: Klein: "Needed"

FL-8: Grayson Ad: "Courage"

OH-18: Space: "Genius Plan?"

VA-5: Perriello: The Choice For Congress

FL-8: Grayson: "Seniors"

FL-8: Webster: "Family"

IL-10: Dold: "Seals For Dold"

FL-22: Klein: "Honored"

ID-1: Minnick: "Raul Is Misleading You Again"

VA-5: Hurt: Perriello Is "Their Congressman, Not Ours"

MN-6: Clark: Serving Her Constituents Is Bachmann's Last Priority

ND-AL: Pomeroy Ad: "I'm Not Nancy Pelosi. I'm Not Barack Obama."

MI-7: DCCC Ad: Tim Walberg Made It Worse

MI-7: NRCC Ad: Put the Brakes on Mark Schauer

VA-5: Perriello Ad: "We Can't Afford More Hurt"

GOProud Ad: "The Real Democrats Of Washington D.C."

HI-1: Obama Endorses Hanabusa In Ad

AZ-7 Ad: "Grijalva Stands With Us Every Time"

TX-17: American Crossroads Ad: "Working For Obama Doesn't Work For...

CO-4: Gardner Ad Attacks Wrong Markey For Budget Vote

SD-AL: Noem Ad Hits Herseth Sandlin For Grading Obama A "C"

NH-2: Kuster Ad Hits Bass On Outsourcing

DNC Ad: GOP Trying To Put "Corporate Interests" In Charge

VA-5: DCCC Ad: "Working Families Just Get Hurt"

MI-1: NRCC Ad: "McDowell's Dangerous Ideas"

FL-2: DCCC Ad: "Southerland's Solution: Take Away Our Right to Vote"

MN-1: DCCC Ad: "Randy Demmer: Not Worth the Risk"

FL-2: NRCC Ad: "Allen Boyd's Washed Up"

MN-1: NRCC Ad: "Didn't Take Walz Long To Become Part Of The Problem"

VA-11: DCCC Ad: "Fraud. Failed Policies. That's Keith Fimian."

MA-10: NRCC Ad: "Bill Keating's Paycheck Problem"

OR-1: Wu Ad: "Technology Geek"

OR-1: Cornilles Ad Slams Wu On Taxes

CO-7: Frazier Ad: Perlmutter Doing "Cartwheels"

AZ-8: McCain & Kyl Back Jesse Kelly

AZ-7: McCain & Kyl Back Ruth McClung

FL-22: West Ad: Sergeant Delgado's Story

OR-5: NRCC Ad: "Kurt Schrader's Spending Spree"

OR-5: DCCC Ad: "A Bitter Taste For Oregon Families"

Barack And Michelle Make Election Plea: "Fight For It"

MA-4: Frank Ad: "It's My Job To Fight For Every Family"

GOP Video: "Where Are The Jobs?"

AZ-7: DCCC Ad: "Ruth McClung: Radical Ideas We Can't Afford"

CA-3: American Crossroads Ad: "Bera And ObamaCare: Bad Medicine"

FL-8: NRCC Ad: "Alan Grayson's Disastrous Record"

TX-17: DCCC Ad: "Bill Flores: Getting Rich on Government Bailouts"

MA-4: Bielat Ad: "Same Old Tune"

Latinos For Reform Ad: "Don't Vote"

MO-4: Hartzler Ad: "34 Years In Washington Has Changed Skelton"

NC-8: Johnson Ad: "Kissell's Gone Washington"

CA-20: DCCC Ad: "Vidak: He's One Thing We Can Do WIthout"

WI-7: DCCC Ad Hits Duffy: "Criminals Had It Easy"

NY-4: McCarthy Ad: "Local Jobs"

AL-2: Bright Ad: "Just Bobby"

NH-2: Kuster Ad: Working For New Hampshire

PA-6: Trivedi Ad: "Gerlach Doing It The Washington Way"

GA-8: Dem Marshall Touts Opposition To Pelosi in Ad

NY-20: Murphy Ad: "Gibson Is For The Insurance Industry, Not You"

TX-17: Edwards Ad Hits Flores On Veterans' Health Care

MO-4: "Skelton Knows What The Second Amendment Means To Rural...

WA-8: DelBene Ad: "More Taxes, More Debt"

FL-22: West Ad: Klein's Ideas "Just Don't Work"

ND-AL: Sen. Dorgan Backs Earl Pomeroy In Ad

NY-20: NRCC Ad: "Murphy Is Making It Worse"

PA-11: NRCC Ad: "Paul Kanjorski Has It Good"

TN-4: NRCC Ad: "How Desperate Is Lincoln Davis?"

AL-2: DCCC Ad: "Martha Roby Wants to Abolish the Department of...

NC-7: DCCC Ad: "Ilario Pantano: Wall Street Values"

AR-1: DCCC Ad: "Do As Rick Crawford Says, Not as He Does"

DNC Ad: "Stealing Democracy"

LA-2: Cao Ad: Richmond "In It For Himself, Not For Us"

TN-4: Davis Ad: "The Real Scott DesJarlais"

PA-11: Barletta Ad: Kanjorski's "Been Around Too Long"

PA-11: DCCC Ad: "Barletta: A Friend Of George Bush"

ND-AL: NRCC Attacks Pomeroy's Record On Health Care

OR-1: Rob Cornilles Releases Television Ad "Better"

TN-4: DesJarlais Ad: How To Make The "Pain" Go Away

PA-8: Murphy Ad: "Fitzpatrick Took Care Of Himself, Not You"

CO-4: Women Vote!: Gardner Opposes Autism Coverage

IL-17: "Bobby Schilling: Good For India And China"

MA-4: Bielat Ad: "Banks"

KY-06: NRCC Ad: "Chandler's Loyalty to Pelosi is Costly"

MD-01: NRCC Ad: "Where Are the Jobs, Frank Kratovil?"

MI-01: NRCC Ad: "Gary McDowell- He'd Fit Right In"

WI-8: NRCC Ad: "Steve Kagen's Costing Wisconsin A Future"

WI-7: NRCC Ad: "Don't Let Lassa Get Work In Washington"

WV-1: NRCC Ad Hits Oliverio For Pay Raise

VA-9: NRCC Ad: "Rick Boucher's Big Numbers"

SD-AL: NRCC Ad: "Washington Has Changed Stephanie Herseth Sandlin"

PA-11: NRCC Ad: "It's Just Not Working With Paul Kanjorski"

PA-10: NRCC Ad: "Who's Chris Carney Kidding?"

PA-3: NRCC Ad: "Kathy Dahlkemper Is Out Of Excuses"

OR-5: NRCC Ad: "Kurt Schrader's Not Fighting for Oregon"

MI-07: NRCC Ad: "Mark Schauer's Real Record"

MS-01: NRCC Ad: "Travis Childers' Misjudgment"

NM-01: NRCC Ad: "Tell Martin Heinrich You Want Your Money Back"

NY-24: NRCC Ad: "Michael Arcuri's Not Independent"

NC-07: NRCC Ad: "How Does Mike McIntyre Spend Your Money?"

OH-16: NRCC Ad: "Who's John Boccieri's Real Boss?"

CA-Gov: Whitman Ad: "Jerry Brown. It's All A Lie"

CA-Gov: CA Labor Fed Ad: "Protect Yourself From Having A 'Meg' Moment"

GA-Gov: Deal Ad: "Guided"

TX-Gov: White Ad: "Perry's Had 10 Years And Failed"

NM-Gov: Martinez: "Eight Years"

RI-Gov: Obama, Bloomberg Praise Chafee In Ad

SC-Gov: Sheheen Ad: "A Governor We Can Trust"

IL-Gov: Brady Ad Calls Quinn Blagojevich's "Partner"

CA-Gov: Brown Ad: "Why I Came To California"

OH-Gov: Kasich Ad: "Two Paths"

IL-Gov: Quinn Ad: "Previously On The Governor's Race"

CA-Gov: Whitman Ad: "I'm Ready"

TX-Gov: Perry Ad: "Sergeant Johnson"

HI-Gov: Obama Endorses Abercrombie In Ad

CA-Gov: Brown Ad: Whitman Echoes Schwarzenegger

FL-Gov: Sink Ad Shows Rick Scott Deposition

TX-Gov: White Ad Hits Perry Over Rental House

RI-Gov: Caprio Ad: "Car"

RI-Gov: Chafee Ad: "The Frank Caprio Bait And Switch"

GA-Gov: Barnes Ad Hits Deal Over Rape Shield Law

GA-Gov: Deal Ad: "Two Children"

NY-Gov: Cuomo Ad: "Carl Paladino's New York"

IL-Gov: Brady Ad: "Flatline"

MD-Gov: Ehrlich Ad: "We Can Do Better"

TX-Gov: White Ad: "Texas for Sale"

CA-Gov: Whitman Ad: "Cops' Choice"

OR-Gov: Dudley Ad: "Don't Fall For It"

NM-Gov: Martinez Ad: "Denish Crossed The Line"

PA-Gov: Onorato Ad Hits Corbett Over Unemployment Comments

VT-Gov: Shumlin Ad: Views On Abortion Matter "A Lot"

VT-Gov: RGA Ad: "Brian Dubie Will Make Us Proud"

CA-Gov: Brown Ad Touts Newspaper Endorsements

TX-Gov: Perry Ad: "Texas Is On The Right Track"

NY-Gov: Cuomo Ad: Paladino Is A "Capital Insider"

VT-Gov: Dubie Ad: "Democrats for Dubie"

SC-Gov: Sheheen Ad Hits Haley On Income Taxes

FL-Gov: Sink Ad: "Profits Before Patients: The Rick Scott Story"

VT-Gov: Shumlin Ad: "Check The Record"

MI-Gov: Snyder Ad: "Jobs Will Come Back"

OH-Gov: RGA Ad: "Broken Promises, Lost Jobs"

MI-Gov: RGA Ad: "Bernero's Old Ways Don't Work"

RGA Ad: "Remember November"

NY-Gov: Paladino To Cuomo: "Come Out And Debate Like A Man"

OH-Gov Ad: "Ted Strickland Fought For Education Reform"

NH-Gov: Lynch Ad: "New Hampshire Just Can't Trust" John Stephen

CA-Gov: Whitman Ad: "Taxes"

FL-Gov: Sink Ad: "Rick Scott Pleaded the Fifth 75 Times"

FL-Gov: Sink Ad: "Law Enforcement"

MA-Gov: Patrick Ad: "Breathing Room"

NM-Gov: Denish Ad: Colon Says Martinez "Es Una Tejana"

SC-Gov: Haley Ad: Join the Movement

NH-Gov: RGA Ad: Lynch is Nice, But Irresponsible

TX-Gov: DGA Attacks Perry With "Cracks"

MI-Gov: RGA Ad: "There's Nothing Exciting About Virg Bernero's Jobs...

TX-Gov: White Ad: Profile in Courage

OR-Gov: Kitzhaber Is "On Your Side"

OR-Gov: Democrats For Dudley

OR-Gov: Dudley Says Oregon Can Prosper

CA-Gov: Brown Ad: "Meet The Real Meg Whitman"

FL-Gov: Scott Attacks Sink With "No Bid" Ad

FL-Gov: Scott Ad Says Sink Made "Bad Investments"

TX-Gov: Perry Ad: "Texas Will Fight to Make Our Border Safe"

MD-Gov: Ehrlich Ad: "Martin O'Malley Mislead Us"

MI-Gov: RGA Ad Hits Bernero For Spending

OH-Gov: Strickland Ad: "Ohioans Are Angry"

NY-Gov: Cuomo Ad Calls Paladino A "Welfare King"

SC-Gov: Haley Ad: Sheheen Is "A Liberal, A Columbia Insider And A...

SC-Gov: Haley Ad: Sheheen Is "A Liberal, A Columbia Insider And A...

MD-Gov: O'Malley Ad Touts Commitment To Education

MD-Gov: RGA Ad Says O'Malley Is "Moving Maryland Backwards"

NH-Gov: Lynch Ad: "How Can You Trust" John Stephen?

MD-Gov: Ehrlich On The "Roadmap To 2020"

AZ-Gov: Goddard Ad: "Is This The Best Arizona Can Do?"

PA-Gov: Corbett Takes On Rendell And Specter In Ad

PA-Gov: Onorato Ad: "I'm The Guy Who's Going To Change Harrisburg"

MI-Gov: Bernero Ad: "Tough"

MA-Gov: Patrick Ad: "We Want To Keep Moving Forward"

GA-Gov: Deal Ad: "He'll Get It Right The First Time"

CA-Gov: Jerry Brown Casts Whitman As Pinocchio

TX-Gov: Perry Ad: "Texas: Open For Business"

WI-Gov: Barrett Ad Recounts Beating, Touts Heroics

IL-Gov: Brady Ad: What Has Quinn Done?

CA-Gov: Whitman Features Bill Clinton In New Ad

NM-Gov: Martinez Ad: "Convicted"

FL-Gov: Alex Sink (D): "I'm Focused On Creating Jobs"

SC-Gov: Haley Promises "Honest, Conservative Government"

TX-Gov: White Ad: "Federal Immigration Law Should Be Enforced"

CA-Gov: Jerry Brown Says He Has "Knowledge" And "Know How"

MD-Gov: Ehrlich Talks About "Real Leadership"

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