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Sen. Menendez On Cost Of Oil Cleanup, Climate Change Legislation

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on proposing to remove $75 million liability cap for the oil spill.

Kaine: PA-12 "Demonstrates The Democratic Party Is The Big-Tent Party"

"Again, the Republicans made this a referendum on President Obama. They want to win this to defeat President Obama, defeat Speaker Pelosi and repeal health care. And Mark Critz (D-PA) said no, we don't need to repeal health care and we want a resounding victory. So, look, our party is broad geographically, we're broad demographically, we're broad ideologically. The other guys are showing in Kentucky, our second example from the other night, they're showing they're narrowing demographically, geographically, ideologically, Tea Party candidate Rand Paul defeating the hand-picked choice of Mitch McConnell," DNC Chairman Tim Kaine said.

Rand Paul: "The Government Is Out Of Control"

Rand Paul on the oil spill: "...It's international waters, so the government has to be involved in it, and I do want it to be safe and clean down there...I think there has to be rules about how things are done, and I think there are plenty of rules. I'm not sure if any rules were broken, or if this just turns out that this was an accident."

Chuck Todd: "When you say you're not sure rules were broken, is this a case where you think possibly there should be more rules or you just think that this, maybe everybody looks at it, and this was an unfortunate accident?"

Rand Paul: "Well, no, I think there are rules in place, and I think only an investigation over time will determine whether any rules were broken or purposely broken. But I think sometimes accidents happen. I don't like the president's message when he talks about having his boot heel on the throat of BP. I think BP should pay, and if you pollute or you have an accident and you pollute the environment, you should pay. And certainly they've made a lot of profits over the last few years, so I think they have plenty of money to pay for the clean-up here."

Later, Paul adds: "The top three issues of the Tea Party are the debt, the debt and the debt. It's all about that government's out of control, and that we're worried and concerned about what will happen to our kids and our grandkids who will inherit this debt."

Trey Grayson On KY Senate Race, Oil Spill

KY Senate Candidate Trey Grayson (R) said if he wins it isn't due to Mitch McConnell's endorsement and if he loses it isn't due to McConnell's endorsement. He also says Ron Paul has helped his opponent Rand Paul raise a lot of money from out of state sources. Mr. Grayson also commented on the oil spill and what the government should do. "This is a big deal for our country," he said.

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