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Gergen: Democrats Trying To "Humiliate" GOP Than Get A Bargain

DAVID GERGEN: But since this election, there’s been — I think it’s the Democrats are the ones who are really trying to rub it in and almost humiliate the Republicans, and that’s not going to get to a bargain. Again, I think it has to be win-win. … You hear among some Democrats right now, and it’s disturbing, that maybe we ought to just take it over the cliff, that’ll, we’ll score political points against the Republicans, that will force their hands in the new year. That is a very, very, dangerous risk. (h/t Hot Air) Send to a Friend |

Anderson Cooper Ducks For Cover In Gaza After Explosion Rocks Live Report

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Rand Paul: Sequester A "Pittance" That Nibbles At The Edges

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: All right. You heard the president lay out the choice. Are you willing to compromise on the way he described them? SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KENTUCKY): I'm not really willing to discuss in it the framework that he's made up for himself. I mean, for goodness sakes, it was his proposal. He proposed the sequester. It was his idea. He signed it into law, and now he's going to tell us that, oh, it's all our fault? I voted against the sequester because I didn't think it was enough. The sequester cuts the rate of growth of the spending, but the sequester doesn't even really begin to cut spending, which we have to do or we are going to get a credit downgrade, another credit downgrade. BLITZER: So you don't think that the $85 billion this year, that would be the forced cuts this year, from your perspective, that's not enough? PAUL: It's a pittance. I mean, it's a slowdown in the rate of growth. There are no real cuts happening over 10 years. Over 10 years, the budget will still grow $7 trillion to $8 trillion. He added $6 trillion to the debt in his first term. He's on course to add another $4 trillion to $6 trillion in his second term. So, really, this is just really nibbling at the edges, and he's saying, oh, it's some dramatic thing where all of a sudden it's still the rich's fault. Didn't he already raise taxes on the rich? I'm having trouble even understanding what he's talking about because he sets up this rhetoric and this sort of game of let's go get the rich again that really is divorced from any reality. It's his sequester we're talking about, his bill. ### PAUL: I think the sequester happens, and it will be in some ways a yawn, because the histrionics that are coming from the president, saying, oh, we're going to shut down and get rid of meat inspectors, is anybody not going to stand up and call his bluff on that ridiculousness? The budgets are not being decreased. We're talking about cutting the rate of growth of budgets. And he has the ability to spend the money in different places. If not, we should give latitude to do it. But the thing is, is that there is waste throughout government. And the cuts in the rate of growth should not have us laying off FAA air traffic controllers and meat inspectors. This is the emotionalism that's always used to argue against any cuts. This is not enough cuts. So we shouldn't be -- if we get rid of this, it just shows that we're really not serious as a nation about doing anything about our debt crisis. I would say to the president, stand up and do the right thing. And don't ask us to squeeze more money out of the private sector, which we think is bad for jobs, in order for you to do the right thing. Why doesn't he stand up and be a leader and just do the right thing? Send to a Friend |

Charles Blow: "I Have A Right To Not Own A Gun And Still Feel Safe"

Charles Blow, of the New York Times, and Republican commentator Margaret Hoover discuss the power of the National Rifle Association in Washington and gun regulation on the Tuesday night broadcast of CNN's "Anderson Cooper." CHARLES BLOW, NEW YORK TIMES: I think when we talk about gun control and we only talk about gun owners as the only people involved in that equation, that is the wrong frame. I have -- you have a right to own a gun. I have a right to not own a gun and still feel safe in this society. And the fact that we are not having the discussion that incorporates the people who choose to not have a gun in this society and want to be safe... Send to a Friend |

Grover Norquist: Voting For Fiscal Cliff Deal Does Not Raise Taxes




GROVER NORQUIST: It’s technically not a violation of the pledge, but I understand why a lot of Republicans had said, look, even though what’s happening is the tax cuts disappear and we’re restoring them for most people, so we’re not raising taxes. We’re actually cutting taxes. ### NORQUIST: Define compromise, okay? Richard Nixon and Ted Kennedy could compromise very easily. Richard Nixon wanted the government to get bigger and Ted Kennedy wanted it to get much bigger. And they compromised every year somewhere between bigger and much bigger and each one said, see, I did the best I could. Today, however, we have two parties that are no longer regional parties -- North versus South -- but actually committed to principles. The Democrats have an expansive view of the role of government. They want higher taxes in order to spend more money. The Republicans want lower taxes and spending less money. If somebody wants to go east and somebody wants to go west, what would a compromise be? I'm in favor of compromising in the direction of liberty. We had a compromise in 2011. Republicans wanted to cut spending $6 trillion, the Ryan plan, and we agreed to $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. That was a compromise. We wanted more spending, we got less because Obama wouldn't support more spending reduction. So you can have compromise in the direction of liberty, but raising taxes and spending more money, which is what Obama wants to do is moving away from liberty, that's not compromising for the American people. That's losing. ### NORQUIST: They need to be able to say with a straight face they fought to protect those tax cuts for everyone and all the Republicans in the House have done that more than once, and that they’re fighting to oppose any and all tax increases, period. Send to a Friend |

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