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Goldman Sachs Executives Questioned

CNN: "Current and former Goldman Sachs executives are put on the congressional hot seat. CNN's Tom Foreman reports."

CNN: Several Special Deals Still In The Health Care Bill

CNN reports that many special deals are still in the health care bill.

Ron Paul, Rand Paul On The Republican Party

Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Senate candidate Rand Paul, share their thoughts on where Republicans stand today.

Carville On Obama's "Enemies List"

James Carville and Kevin Madden discuss the prospect that Barack Obama may have an enemies list.

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Rand Paul Responds To Maddow Interview

(Via Laura Ingraham Show)

Laura Ingraham: "Would you have voted for the Civil

Rep. Michele Bachmann On Midterm Elections, Obama

Rep. Michele Bachmann on GOP's midterm momentum. She also discusses the results from

AR-Sen: Bill Halter On Runoff Election Against Lincoln

Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (D-AR) discusses Tuesday night's election results. He predicts he

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