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Mollie Hemingway: Tech Oligarchs Constrained The Flow Of Information To Help Their Political Allies In 2020 Election


Author of 'Rigged' Mollie Hemingway discusses how the media and big tech influenced the 2020 election for the Democrats.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: I wanted to know exactly what happened during the campaign so for me that means I interview everybody involved at the state and the national level, and I did find out that this election was unlike any election we'd ever had. People already knew that the media environment was corrupt, just like you just talked about, they suppressed that Hunter Biden story which was explosive, they elevated fake news, they knew that big tech had manipulated. They did not want to have any information out that helps their political opponents or hurt their political allies, so they censored information and they de-platformed people, and they also changed a lot of our election laws. Sometimes they did that legally and constitutionally, sometimes they didn't, and Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world's wealthiest individuals, funded the private takeover of government election offices. And that enabled a bunch of left wing activists to come into government election offices and actually handle many things, from voter registration to voting to vote counting.

BRIAN KILMEADE: He put a lot of money on both sides and said, look, I'm funding both sides to make sure this is a pandemic at 2020 effective election, but he was putting an unequal amount so that was disingenuous.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Well yeah, they claim it was bipartisan, but they give a little bit of money to a Republican-Leaning county and like $10 million to Democrat counties, and it really did make a difference.

It's taken a while to figure it out but researchers have shown this elevated Joe Biden's vote totals in key swing states, it was a very savvy plan, but now it's being made illegal because a lot of people understand we can't have tech oligarchs funding our government election offices, it would be like the New England Patriots hiring and staffing the referees for games they play against other people.

KILMEADE: And the crazy thing is Mark Zuckerberg, the individual, can only put maybe $2,200 in but as a company you can put hundreds of millions in, it's crazy. Here is an excerpt from your book, and you write this. "Much of Silicon Valley's anger over trump's victory was about their inability to control American opinions, in the past two elections, the tech industry has loudly and publicly taken credit for helping Obama's two victorious campaigns, but, Silicon Valley's reaction to 2016 proved once and for all these visionaries at America's tech companies were oppressors, not liberators." Expand on that.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Well, in 2016, President Trump had a lot of success in using social media to bypass corrupt partisan media, that would not let his message out, and so he used social media to talk directly to the people. These tech oligarchs knew that had happened and they actually overtly promised they wouldn't let it happen again.

So they knew they had to suppress information -- constrain the free flow of information, to help their political allies and hurt their political enemies, so again, they censored, de-platformed, and most dramatically they took one of the most legitimate stories of the 2020 campaign, which was the Biden family business, and what exactly people get when they give Biden family members so much money, and they just didn't cover it, but then when some people were covering it, like the New York Post, they actually took those people off, they de-platformed them from social media companies, and they wouldn't let people share that information. And so they just sort of war on information because they knew if people had information they might vote for their political opponent.

KILMEADE: It's up to the RNC, if they want to change things, to read your book, to understand how they were taken advantage of and adjust because a lot of money flows in, maybe not as much as Democrats but they can adjust these elections are still winnable but you have to know what you're up against. They were more nimble, mark Elia S, heavily featured in your book, did a lot of suing to change laws to work for the Democrats. Thanks so much, for coming in we have so much more to talk about it we'll have you in for a second round but congratulations on the book.
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