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How Is The Filibuster Being Covered On Television News?


How is the filibuster being covered on television news? The timeline below shows total mentions of the filibuster across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News over the past decade, showing that coverage tends to be bursty, with MSNBC typically leading mentions other than in 2017 and late 2020 when Fox News mentioned it more. This year's discussion of the filibuster represents the most it has been mentioned in the past decade.

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Over the past decade, MSNBC has mentioned the filibuster more than CNN and Fox News combined.

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Looking at just this year, the largest burst of coverage was in March, with the most recent debt ceiling debate failing to yield many mentions of the filibuster.

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Looking at the total seconds of airtime since the start of last year in which the filibuster was mentioned somewhere in the onscreen text, MSNBC leads the way with 24.9 hours, followed by CNN with 16.8 hours and Fox News with 7.8 hours.

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