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McCarthy: Democrats Want To Control Everything From Your Money To Your Children To Your Google Search History


House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy stated the Republican position on President Biden's agenda during an appearance with Maria Bartiromo on FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures."

MARIA BARTIROMO: Congressman, I want to ask you about all of these new mandates and this overreach from the Department of Justice. Parents across the country, governors across the country are complaining.

Here's Ron DeSantis: "A.G. Merrick Garland is ordering the FBI to target, intimidate and silence parents who exercise their First Amendment rights at local school board meetings, as the A.G. threatens to sic the FBI on parents who dare to oppose mandates on mask-wearing, as well as the indoctrination of their children in Critical Race Theory.

What is going on?

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY: This is just more of the Biden administration wanting greater control over our lives.

Who would have ever thought that you would have an American president make a decision to leave Americans behind in Afghanistan now directing the DOJ to try to silence parents and actually separate parents from what their children can do inside schools?

And why is this rising up? Because, during the pandemic, children were going to school through Zoom. Parents were beginning to hear what was happening in the classroom. So they went to their local school board to question. And instead of making these answers or changing the course and not having Critical Race Theory taught in our schools, the next thing the Biden administration does is tries to silence you, intimidate you.

And what it really comes down to, a philosophy. Who is best to raise your children, you or government? I believe the parents are.

I want the decision-making process in my children's lives. And I believe that's what America believes.

But now we have an administration that wants to control every part of your life, from your -- what you do in your banking, if you have more than $600, to now what you can even say at a school board race and question your First Amendment right, and tell you that government has a better say over what your children can do in school.

And we even have a Democrat running for governor in Virginia that literally said parents do not have a say in what's happening in the education of their children. Absurd.

BARTIROMO: Congressman, it's not just that on Critical Race Theory. You mentioned the surveillance of our bank accounts. And now the Democrats want the social media companies to go along with all of this rulemaking. We understand that Nancy Pelosi wants your e-mails, you, Congressman Kevin McCarthy's e-mails, and your text messages on and around January 6.

Has she officially come to you and asked, or is she going to go directly to AT&T? How does that work?

MCCARTHY: No, I haven't heard anything from them.

But, remember, this is a select committee that is not a bipartisan committee. For the first time in history, Nancy Pelosi picked who could be on this committee.

And what they're trying to do, they're missing the two main points. Why were we so ill-prepared on January 6 and how do we make sure we will never be in this position again? It's purely politics.

And Congress does not have the right to go after mine or your phone number records. And the Supreme Court has made this ruling. It's interesting about how far they want to control and where they want to go.

Even in the reconciliation bill, there's an interesting point in there. They provide $1.3 billion to subsidize their friends inside the media, where government will actually pay for the media and their reporting.

This is a real concern and the change of a course of what America stands for.

BARTIROMO: Well, there's also something that we discussed recently, and that is about Google.

They have -- they have -- the DOJ has asked Google to send them the people who search for certain phrases. And is Google participating in this? Tell me about that. This was very concerning when I understood what this was all about, that Google was actually going to provide phrases that we put in that search bar?

MCCARTHY: Now, you don't have to be concerned at home what you're doing. We know how Google tries to control what we can -- our thoughts and what we can read, on the basis that 90 percent of any search inside the Internet goes through Google.

But now the Biden administration's government is asking Google to tell them whoever searches certain phrases. I just read about this, this week. This is a real concern.

But a big problem that we have is what Nancy Pelosi has done in Congress. She's desecrated this institution, because now she's made it almost impossible for the minority to get documents from the Biden administration, so we can hold them accountable, not just on this, but on Afghanistan as well.

She now has proxy voting, where there are Democrats that have not shown up for work for months, but they still get their paycheck. She now fines members up to $5,000 if they just walk through the wrong door going to the chambers.

She selects who can be on committee, never before in a Congress. She denied the minority the ability to even offer an amendment, something that -- hasn't done in the history of Congress. But, now, why does she do that? She's a lame-duck speaker. She's on a farewell tour.
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