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McAuliffe On If Republicans Stole 2000 Election: I Wish Supreme Court Let Them Keep Counting


CNN's Dana Bash played a montage of former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe's greatest hits of calling the 2000 presidential election "stolen" and asks him to explain why that is different from what former President Trump says about 2020. He sidesteps answering the question.

DANA BASH: So you're saying the Republicans are questioning election integrity, when that is exactly what you did in more than one election?

TERRY MCAULIFFE: First of all, the 2000 election went to the United States Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court shut down the voting, overruled the Florida Supreme Court and stopped the counting of votes.

That is quite a difference from what you had in the Trump election where 33, 34 cases, whatever it was, were brought up. Republican judges dismissed them.

DANA BASH: I don't mean to suggest -- what happened in 2000 was so different. In 2020, Joe Biden won full stop. Fair and square, no question. But going back to 2000, do you think Republicans stole that election?

MCAULIFFE: In 2000, I wish the United States Supreme Court would let them finish counting the votes... [Glenn Youngkin] says he wants to audit all of Virginia's voting machines. Really? This is Trump's talk!

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