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Chuck Todd: So-Called 2020 Audits “Unserious Efforts,” But Represent “Serious Problem”


Chuck Todd discusses the latest efforts by Trump and the GOP pushing for so-called 2020 election audits:

CHUCK TODD: We're continuing to follow a disturbing trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. Republicans that are seeking to undermine the results of the 2020 election simply for their own political gain, to appease a certain wing of the party these days. In Florida, Lake County Republicans, believe it or not, are pushing for a statewide election audit of last November's election. Remember, this was Florida, even after the Republican governor there Ron DeSantis called Florida a model for how ballots should be handled, meaning there was no problems. By the way Trump carried Florida. Yet they want an 'audit.' I should put audit in quotes. In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin had a debate last week and said there's no evidence of real fraud in Virginia is now calling for a, quote, audit of the Commonwealth's voting machines. Virginia completed a routine audit in March, the results didn't change anything.

These efforts stem from the former president who continue to spread the claim that he won last November while keeping an eye of course to 2024. Trump's claims have gotten more twisted and disturbing. He told a podcast yesterday the following, the insurrection took place on November 3rd, this is Donald Trump, that was the insurrection when they rigged the election., the big insurrection, really the crime of the century that took place on November 3rd, not on January 6th. Even for Donald Trump, this is a new level of delusion. Folks across the board, these calls for so-called audits toward the 2020 election are unserious efforts, but they represent a serious problem. This is about boiling the frog, folks. Nearly a year after election day, these people are knowingly trying to undermine the results of a free and fair election for one reason and run reason only, undermining faith in future elections for their own gain and appeasing one man who can't accept defeat.
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