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NIH Director Francis Collins: Resignation Has Nothing To Do With Wuhan Lab Leak Theory


National Institutes Of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins told FNC's Neil Cavuto on Tuesday that his just-announced retirement after 12 years has nothing to do with reporting like this:

NEIL CAVUTO: Doctor, did the timing of this have anything to do with the heat and pressure that both you and Dr. Fauci have encountered over what you knew, when you knew it, about the source of the coronavirus in this Wuhan lab and whether, deliberately or inadvertently, your funding helped provide that?

FRANCIS COLLINS: So, no, it didn’t, Neil. I’m glad you’re asking. Because, of course, people are always sort of looking for some kind of cause and effect here.

I want to absolutely assure you and anybody else listening that it had nothing to do with my decision.

And I also want to say that while this is an important issue, we need to understand what happened, how did this virus get started in China, that our funding of that research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology was a million miles away in terms of the genome of the virus that we’re talking about.

To draw that connection is frankly absolutely not supportable by the data. And I do wish people would look more closely at that and recognize that that’s not an area that is going to give us an answer to how SARS-CoV-2 got started.

NEIL CAVUTO: Do you think it's possible it got started there, in a lab there?

COLLINS: You know, I think most likely this was a natural origin starting in a bat, maybe traveling through an intermediate host. I can't rule out the possibility that secretly the Wuhan Institute got that virus and was studying it and had a lab accident and it got loose. I have no evidence at all to support that. But I can't exclude it. I wish the Chinese would come clean and reveal their lab records and hospital records of people that got sick in November 2019. Put it in a place where we have information. They don't seem willing to do that.

Full interview below via FOX News:

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