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NJ Gov. Phil Murphy: "Disqualifying" That GOP Challenger Ciattarelli Attended "Stop The Steal" Rally


At Tuesday's first gubernatorial debate between Republican Party candidate for governor Jack Ciattarelli and Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, Murphy said that Ciattarelli attending a "Stop The Steal" rally in New Jersey on January 6 is "disqualifying."

"People died, Assemblyman, people died," Murphy told Ciatarrelli.

AMANDA HOOVER, NJ ADVANCE MEDIA: Mr. Ciatarrelli, you attended a rally in Bedminster shortly after the 2020 presidential election where people held signs that read "Stop The Steal." and your opponent has accused you of pushing former President Trump's agenda. Do you think the former president's false claims of election fraud undermine our democracy, and would you vote for him if he ran for president again?

JACK CIATTARELLI: I've said from the very beginning that Joe Biden is the legitimate president, I said that before he was sworn in. I do believe that Donald Trump's rhetoric is was caused this riot, I believe it was on January 6.

In late November, I was invited to a rally personally by the organizer who told me it was a rally focused on 2021, and as a gubernatorial candidate, would I please speak on the importance of the entire legislature being on the ballot this year, as well as the governorship.

I went there and didn't see people in the kind of apparel we would find offensive. I didn't see any of those signs.

[laughter, jeers]

If they were there, I don't think I should be held responsible. I don't hold the governor for attending rallies where people were holding signs saying "Defund The Police" or "No Justice, No Peace." I can't be held responsible for what any person does at a rally. But I've said from the very beginning, Joe Biden is the president...

GOV. PHIL MURPHY: When did "No Justice, No Peace" become controversial? Listen, this is -- this rises to the level of disqualifying. Come on, man? Your picture and name were on the invitation. There's a video, I've seen it with my own eyes, of you standing there with a "Stop The Steal" sign right next to you.

There were Confederate flags, there were white supremacists. It was the exact same cocktail that led to -- it was January 6, by the way.

Members of law enforcement were killed, including a native New Jersey son.

JACK CIATTARELLI: Well, if you want to talk about disqualifiers... saying you want to make New Jersey the California of the East Coast.

PHIL MURPHY: People died, Assemblyman, people died

JACK CIATTARELLI: You mean like the people in the nursing homes in Tropical Storm Ida?

PHIL MURPHY: I think one of the basic requirements of this job is you have to tell the truth.
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