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Chuck Todd Wonders If "To Be Trumpian Is Worse Than Being Nixonian"


A stellar highlight from this week's edition of "Meet The Press" on NBC.

CHUCK TODD: Bob, the final question I have for you, since we noted here, and the puns were necessary, All the President's Men and Final Days, in some ways you put both books into one in this one. Trumpian versus Nixonian. Define the two.

BOB WOODWARD: Well, Trump has -- I mean, it's what is the presidency about for the average voter out there? And it is evaporating because Trump is staking everything on this stolen election claim. And even we were able to get information about the then CIA Director Gina Haspel, someone who has been very silent, an expert on instability, unstable regimes. And she concluded in November that -- what is this? A right wing coup? That President Trump is like a child, a six-year-old having a temper tantrum.

CHUCK TODD: So, does this go beyond Nixonian? To be Trumpian is worse than to be Nixonian?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, we were in a dangerous national security moment, which we documented. If things had gone crazy with China or Russia or Iran, we discovered these countries were on alert. And you know, that's the edge of war and miscommunication, a pretty frightening time about --

ROBERT COSTA: And as Bob and I have talked about, when Nixon gets on the helicopter in '74, he goes away to California and stays there. Not the same dynamic this time with President Trump.

CHUCK TODD: No. There's a reason, I think, you guys have an aptly named book called Peril. Let's hope we're not still at peril. Thank you, both. When we come back, progressive democrats versus the moderates. And the only thing at stake? Just the presidency of Joe Biden.
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