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Trump: Most People Would Say The Border Patrol Agents On Horses Were Doing One Hell Of A Job


Former President Donald Trump said the world is emptying their prisons into our country via immigration at a campaign-style event in Perry, Georgia on Saturday. At a "Save America" event, Trump announced his support for the border patrol agents on horseback and pointed out that the media is more outraged at the border agents than "the people that came in illegally."

"There's no greater crisis facing our nation today, than the catastrophe on our southern border," Trump told supporters. "You've been watching it and a lot of the fake news and you got a lot of them back - look at all of those fake news (motions towards cameras). Wow. It's amazing. They're doing our country no favor. They're doing you no favor. And they're doing themselves no favor."

"American sovereignty is being extinguished by the deliberate and willful policies put in place by Joe Biden and the left-wing extremists installed and power," the former president said. "I don't know if Joe is exactly involved. I don't know. I don't know. I really don't. But somebody's really screwing up our country, they're destroying our country."

"In Del Rio, Texas, you've been watching, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have overrun our borders in recent days while laughing in the faces of our border patrol agents," he said. "And they're going after the riders of the horses, not the people that came in illegally. Isn't that incredible? And they just put them under watch. They're in big trouble. The riders of those horses. Most people would say they were doing one hell of a job right, don't you think? They're in trouble. Can you believe it?"

"One thing is certain: this would never ever be happening if I were your president, and I should have been your president," Trump said to applause.
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