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Mike Rowe: We've Made Work The "Enemy"


On 'Kudlow,' Mike Rowe talks about the meaning and value of work and why there is a workers' shortage in the United States:

"The message comes from my foundation most often is the disconnect between education and that number. For instance, we're still ardently pressuring kids to get the four-year degree. We're telling them if they don't, they will wind up among the disaffected, unhappy, or disconnected or something like that. We're lending money we don't have to kids who cannot pay it back, teach them for jobs that don't really exist anymore. Jobs that are not among the 11 million currently open. What is it 1.7 trillion student loans on the books? That's part of it, there is lot of money wrapped up into this, because we have essentially marginalized whole categories of really important vocations we have a PR problem. We have stigmas, stereotypes, myths, misperceptions that affirmatively keep people from exploring careers in the trades."

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