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Gutfeld: "Whip Gate" Is A Perfect Example Of The Media Manufacturing A Story Out Of An Image


FNC's "The Five" host Greg Gutfeld says that "whip gate" is a perfect example of how the mainstream media ignores stories until they can talk about them from a "useful" angle

JESSE WATERS: Also, this hoax with the whips from the horseback. Jen Psaki seized on it. They want to talk about a hoax that the media created.

GREG GUTFELD: First this thing about Joe says it's under control. Is control what he calls a bridge? It's all under that bridge. Again, he thought the Afghanistan withdrawal was under control. He thought the drone strike was under control. He thought inflation was under control. One thing we know is under control, Joe Biden. He's under the control of the hard left who are bent on remaking society. He's an empty vessel. That's why you're seeing these consequences.

The biggest point to the hoax. The press and Jen Psaki is going after the border patrol for doing their job because Biden and the enabling media wouldn't do their job.

This never would have happened if they had been kept up with our coverage at Fox of all of this harrowing footage, nonstop footage. They had to wait for the one image to manufacture a story out of one image. It's a consequence of their own corruption.

What does that remind you of? The media and the Democrats ignoring the rampant violent crime that started last Summer all the way to the present time. All of our cities are degraded, dangerous. Stop, Geraldo, let me finish. I let you talk for God knows how long. So instead, they totally ignore the fact that we have a rampant crime wave. Homicides are up.

But if there's one singular image, one issue, police issue encounter that they can use because in that way they can, again, blame law enforcement and pretend that they care about something.

By the way, the whip story finally, I love it as it falls apart. The media changes the verbiage. Went from whipping to wielding to whirling to twirling to swinging. What is next? Conducting? I would love to see the conducting. Meanwhile, some Haitians attacked a pilot, a U.S. pilot, injured three ICE officers. Is that behavior considered horrific? It's not. Unlike the whip, it actually happened.
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