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Glenn Greenwald: The Definitive Account Of The CIA/Media/Tech Coverup Of The Hunter Biden Laptop Story


Via System Update with Glenn Greenwald -- New evidence on Monday proved what has long been clear: that documents about Joe Biden from the Hunter Biden laptop were authentic. Big Tech censorship in the weeks before the 2020 election of these genuine documents is one of the most severe assaults on free speech and a free election in years. That the corporate media was their key ally by endorsing and spreading the CIA lie that these documents were "Russian disinformation" makes this episode even more grave.

"That story was brute censored from the internet," he said. "It is really extraordinary, the level of lying and deceit and manipulation on the part of a union of the corporate media, big tech, the Democratic Party, and the intelligence community to manipulate the 2020 election by, at first, lying about, and then overtly censoring from the internet any discussion of a major story that was broken by the New York Post weeks before the election."

"There was enormous amounts of the same kind of confirmation early on, but they were ignored because they were coming from right-wing outlets, but now we have a mainstream reporter proving that the key emails were authentic all along. They were never disinformation or forgeries."

"This was a very close election, 60,000 votes in a couple of states could have swung the election from Biden to Trump. Who knows how many people were denied hearing about this reporting as a result of the outright lies told by the CIA and corporate media."

"It was taken from authentic documents taken from the laptop of Hunter Biden that raise serious questions about Joe Biden. That story was censored by Twitter and Facebook and was essentially buried and lied about by the corporate media using the CIA as the excuse to lie. And we now have even more definitive proof than we ever have before about what a gave assault this was on our democracy and what an extreme example of journalistic corruption."

"It's worth it to spend the time to remember what happened here, especially in light of this new evidence."

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