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Nicki Minaj: You Can't Speak For The Fear Of The Mob Attacking You


Nicki Minaj responded to criticism she had received over her questioning COVID vaccines:

"You can't speak for the fear of the mob attacking you, if that doesn't give you chills up and down your f**king spine. This is scary. You should be able to ask questions about anything you’re putting inside your body...I remember going to China and they were telling us you cannot speak out against the people in power there, et cetera, and I remember all of us thinking, oh, ok, we understand and we respect the laws here and that it’s so different from where we live. But don’t y’all see what’s f**king happening? Don’t y’all see that we are living now in that time, where people will turn their back on you for not agreeing? People will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question."
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