Chris Christie: OSHA Vaccine Mandate Is On "Shaky Legal Ground"

Posted By Tim Hains
On Date September 12, 2021
Chris Christie recalled then-Senator Kamala Harris saying she would not trust a vaccine pushed by President Trump and spoke about the legality of President Biden's proposed vaccine mandate during ABC's "This Week" roundtable.

'GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You served with a lot of these Republican governors who have come out against these mandates from President Biden. Are they on solid ground? How do you explain their actions? CHRIS CHRISTIE: There are three things about what happened this week that concern me, and I'm someone that's been advocating from the beginning that everyone should get vaccinated and I think it's a mistake not to. The first one is I think they're on shaky legal ground here. When you look at the OSHA statutes that are being used, they're on shaky ground as to whether they can force this or not. It's subject to legal challenges. Second, remember that the politicization of this vaccine started back in the presidential campaign and it was started by Vice President Harris who said, "I will not take a vaccine that's approved by Trump or by Trump's regulators." That put this in a totally different area that allowed it to be politicized and that politicization is continuing now. And third, I do think your question to the surgeon general was on point. This is going to harden opposition. Sometimes when you're a leader, you have to go in and use a sledgehammer, and I have been known to do that when I was governor. Sometimes it's appropriate, but this one was not the time to do it. We have to be persuasive. We have to continue to persuade... Working for the government and ordering government workers to have a mandate is one thing. Extending that to two-thirds of all the jobs and make it either get vaccinated or not, it's also contradictory logically, George, because what they're telling us by the data is vaccinated people are very, very well protected from anyone who's unvaccinated and who has it. Yet they're saying to us, we have to do this to protect you. Well, that's protecting the unvaccinated from the unvaccinated. They're making choices. '
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