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Trump Visits NYPD, FDNY on 9/11: Biden Left A Stain On Our Country Worse Than Any Previous Stain


Former President Donald Trump was welcomed by members of the FDNY and NYPD when he visited a station house on Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Trump visited NYPD’s 17th precinct after an appearance at FDNY Ladder Co. 2. Trump implied he would seek the office of president again when asked, telling people "you're going to be happy" with his decision. See videos and photos from the event below.

"I know you love each other," Trump told the crowd. "We love the blue. You know you're not supposed to say that. We love the blue."

"We surrendered, and we cannot let that happen because that is a stain on our country that's worse than any stain we have ever had before," Trump said of Biden's handling of Afghanistan. "It's an embarrassment. Biden did not even speak to them, he went to all three places and he didn't speak. I wonder why he didn't speak."

"No teleprompter," someone said.

"He went to all three places, he went to the Pentagon, went to Pennsylvania, he came here and he did not speak," the former president said.

"Because he can't finish a sentence," someone in the audience quipped.

"What a shame," Trump said. "The election was rigged and that's what we got."

"The election was rigged, and that is what we got. Listen, I want to thank everybody. You are incredible people. We love you, we always will, and a lot of things interesting are happening," Trump said to the first responders.

"If they fought the war the way they fought the election, they stole it, I do not even say stole it, they rigged it, you would not have had a war, they would have been apologizing 20 years ago, but they did not do that, they do not do that, you wonder whether they love our country. I love you, thank you all very much," Trump said before his exit.

Trump was asked if plans to run for president again: "It's an easy question. I know what I'm going to do but we're not supposed to be talking about it yet from the standpoint of campaign finance laws, which frankly are ridiculous if you want to know the truth. But I think you're going to be happy, let me put it that way."

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