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Barbara Boxer On Texas Abortion Law: "Wake Up America, This Is A Full-Throated Overturning Of Roe"


MSNBC: The new Texas abortion law has no exceptions for incest or rape, and deputizes private citizens as bounty hunters searching for anyone who performed or helped a woman get an abortion after a six-week period, before most women even know they're pregnant. Former Sen. Barbara Boxer, legal expert Elie Mystal, and journalist Errin Haines join Joy Reid to discuss how the conservative Supreme Court that made the decision not to block this law came into being, and how the Biden administration can counter it to ensure the constitutional medical rights of Texas women.

FMR. SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D-CA): My thoughts are 100 percent with that commentary. I have always believed a woman`s right to choose is about respecting a woman`s decision. It is up to her, however she decides. It is between her, her doctor, her partner and her religious faith if she chooses to go that direction. Everyone has that right. And that`s what Roe said, up to viability, you can decide.

I just want to say this to the women within the sound of my voice and the men who care about them, wake up, America. This is a full-throated overturning of Roe, and I lived through the years before Roe and I saw women suffer. I saw -- I had a friend, I wrote about it in my book, who -- I almost lost her. Why? Her boyfriend said, here is $300, go to Mexico, and she barely came back from that. And before we had -- before we had penicillin, we had thousands of women die every year. Once we had antibiotics, it is hundreds of women. Women will die if they can`t afford to leave that state and that vigilante state. And it is just breaking my heart, and we have to fight back hard.

REID: You know, Errin, I knew that the Republican Party had no use for, really, respect for women, you know, when Clarence Thomas got in. But now, two of the nine members of the United States Supreme Court and two of the six conservative members or one-third of the conservative members have been accused of sexual misconduct and they have lifetime appointments on the court. So I think it is pretty clear the way the right in America feels about women. So this doesn`t surprise me that they would go this far.

But I have to get you to comment on the vigilantism aspect of this. Because what essentially the Texas Republicans have done is they`ve unleashed fellow Texans on any woman that they can identify and anyone who helps her to end an unwanted pregnancy and essentially said, collect a bounty on them. Your thoughts on that?
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