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Canadian PM Trudeau Blasts "Anti-Vaxxer" Protesters: I'm Focused On The Health And Safety Of The "Responsible Majority"


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week, less than three weeks before an election, that Canada would block lawsuits against private businesses that mandate the COVID-19 vaccination.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: Over the last little while, you've probably seen the disturbing anger of anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. You might have seen them marching downtown against local businesses that are following public health rules. Or yelling at a grocery store clerk or a server at your local diner. Or even threatening people at one of our rallies.

Let's be clear, it is your freedom I am focused on. The freedom of the responsible majority of us who are vaccinated. The freedom of our children under 12 who can't yet get their shots, because that's what's at stake.

I was always stand up for your right to be safe, to be in places that are free from COVID-19. Your right to not be forced back into lockdown, so we'll stand firm on our commitment that federal public servants should be vaccinated. We'll make sure everyone on your plane or train is vaccinated. We'll protect businesses that mandate vaccinations from unjustified lawsuits.

Trudeau faced protesters at a campaign stop Tuesday over mask and vaccine mandates:

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: The folks out there tonight shouting, the anti-vaxxers, they're wrong. They are wrong about how we get through this pandemic. And more than just being wrong, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, they are putting at risk their own kids, and they are putting at risk our kids as well.

That is why we have been unequivocal if you want to get on a plan or a train in the coming months, you're going to have to be fully vaccinated, so families with their kids don't have to worry about someone in the seat next to them putting you in danger or across the aisle.

And we know the way to get through this is to make sure that people can go into nonessential businesses and feels safe that they're not going to catch COVID from someone next to them. And that means, we're going to work with provinces and territories who want to move forward on vaccination certifications, on vaccination passports, so that everyone can be safe...

Everyone needs to get vaccinated and those people are putting us all at risk.

And [opposition leader] Erin O'Toole is siding with them instead of Canadians who stepped up and did their part, he's talking about personal choice. What about my choice to keep my kids safe? What about our choice to make sure we get through this pandemic as quickly as we can?

That's the choice we've all made... And I am not going to back down, no matter how many of them show up to try and shout us down, from what science tells us, from what Canadians have told me... So shame on you, Erin O'Toole. You need to condemn those people, you need to correct them.
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