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Biden: More People Have Died From COVID Than "In All Our Major Wars Combined"


President Joe Biden commented more Americans have died from COVID-19 than in all U.S.-involved wars combined at a CNN town hall event on Wednesday.

BIDEN:  Well, by the way, I think that is -- that's happening. And, look, think about this. This is the worst health crisis in 100 years. As I said, more people have died than all our major wars combined. Think about that. If I had told you that or you had told me that two years ago, I'd say, come on, that's not going to happen in America. But it happened. 

It happened. 
And people are unfortunately -- some more slowly than others -- now, by the way, remember when I first got elected, the issue was, when I said I was going to do a million shots a week, and people said, "Biden can't do that," or, "The Biden team can't do that," then it was 2 million. We had trouble getting enough people -- people who wanted to get vaccinated. We were opening up stadiums. We were getting 100,000 people coming through. 
So the vast majority of the American people said, "I understand. I want to get this vaccination."  But now when it's phased off, either, "I'm invincible. I'm young. I'm not going to get sick. It won't happen to me," or whatever the reason, now they're looking around. 
They're saying, whoa, boy, in the community that I live in, there's very few people who've gotten the vaccination. This COVID is much more transmissible. It's really rising. I'd better get -- so I think it's gradually changing. And you've got a great dog there, kid. 
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