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Wajahat Ali: Republicans Have Radicalized Base To Be Anti-Vaccine To "Own The Libs"


Columnist and frequent MSNBC guest Wajahat Ali accused Tucker Carlson and FOX news of weaponizing wedge issues.

WAJAHAT ALI, MSNBC: An entire part of the GOP has become a radicalized counter-majoritarian force. Along with right-wing media, they're radicalizing our fellow Americans. They're just people trying to survive, but thanks to misinformation and social media, vaccine hesitancy, even two years ago, was a top ten global health threat, according to the World Health Organization. This is before coronavirus.

Right now on FOX News, you have hosts who, by the way, all got vaccines. Rupert Murdoch, he got vaccinated. Tucker Carlson, he got vaccinated, are actively promoting disinformation and encouraging their base not to get vaccines because vaccines, just like masks, have become weaponized as part of the ongoing endless culture war to ensure minority rule. That rule is for white Christian males in this country who are losing their power, and as such, it was not economic anxiety but cultural and racial anxiety that was the number one motivator for Trump's base. So they can weaponize anything. Whether it is Dr. Seuss, CRT, Sharia, now it's a vaccine with an endless culture war.

That's why you had Republican Madison Cawthorn saying Biden is going to go door to door and he's going to try to vaccinate you and he's going to try to take away your guns and your Bibles, and this is why we have now a radicalized minority in this country that is get vaccinated as coronavirus is surging and killing literally those that are unvaccinated and our kids... under 12 are not vaccinated and kids are now ending up in the E.R. and getting long-term health problems so the pro-life party the GOP has become the pro-death party.

Meanwhile, these cowards like Marsha Blackburn, Tucker Carlson are all vaccinated. They don't even have the courage of their convictions which is why I don't respect them. If they don't have the courage of their convictions, good. You don't get vaccinated. But all of them are vaccinated and spreading this lie to feed the base which has become radicalize to own the libs and innocent people are going to die.
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