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Klobuchar: Social Media Should Be Liable For Vaccine Misinformation, "Take This Crap Off Of Their Platforms"


Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that social media companies should be liable for the misinformation spread on their platforms.

DANA BASH, CNN: Do you think Facebook should face consequences? And should Facebook be broken up?

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN): Social media has greatly contributed to this misinformation. There's no doubt. Look at the numbers from the Kaiser Foundation.

Two-thirds of the people who have not gotten vaccinated say because they have got something off of social media. Come on.

So I really appreciate President Biden calling this out. And for months now, I have been taking on the dirty dozen, 12 people responsible for something like 60 percent of this misinformation. Some of them have been taken off of their accounts. But there's more to do.

I think we also should look at changing the liability standards when it comes to vaccine misinformation. Senator Warner and Hirono and I already introduced a bill that would focus on discriminatory content and the like.

When we have a public health crisis and people are dying every day, enough is enough. These are the richest companies in the world. They are, Dana. There's absolutely no reason they shouldn't be able to monitor this better and take this crap off of their platforms that are basically telling people, oh, hey, there's problems, when we know science proves there isn't.

And so I feel very strongly about this, because of the fact that you are literally seeing, as the surgeon general said, over -- that people who are vaccinated, they are the ones that aren't dying. People who aren't vaccinated are really, tragically, dying.

So part of this is Republicans standing up, like Rob Portman just did, and commending the vaccines and asking people to get it, and more Republicans doing that, and more people who maybe didn't even vote for Joe Biden standing up and telling the truth.

BASH: So...

KLOBUCHAR: But it is also about the misinformation out there on the social media platforms.

And breaking them up, part of this is, they have gobbled up so many companies, that you don't even have the chance that other media platforms could do this on social media.

So, I am a fan of using antitrust to look back and see if they should divest assets, so we can get true competition against the dominant platforms.
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