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GOP Rep. Van Taylor: Texas Dems Encouraging Federal Takeover Of Elections


Texas Democrats fighting against a new voting bill took their case to Washington Tuesday as President Joe Biden made his push for strengthening voting rights laws nationwide. PBS's Yamiche Alcindor is joined by Congressman Van Taylor, who just returned to Washington from his district near Dallas, for a Republican perspective on the new voting legislation.

REP. VAN TAYLOR: Well, the Democratic lawmakers should do their job. They were hired by their districts and asked by the state of Texas to show up and work on legislation in Austin.

That's what they should be doing. This is — unfortunately, you're seeing the rank partisanship and brokenness of Washington, D.C., infect the Texas legislature. And that's really unfortunate.

What we want to see is legislation that makes our elections secure, that makes it easy to vote. And what we don't want to see is the kind of Washington-style federal takeover of elections that gets rid of voter I.D. laws, that uses taxpayer money to pay for attack ads.

These are the kind of things that Americans don't want. And what Texans expect is our legislature — legislators show up to work and do their job. Ten million taxpayers showed up to the office today. But unfortunately, 51 members of Texas House decided they didn't need to do theirs.
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