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Brit Hume: One Wonders If "The Squad" Members Have Any Real Historical Knowledge


FOX News analyst Brit Hume responded to a tweet from Rep. Cori Bush where the Democratic member of the progressive "Squad" said:

"One thing you never hear critics of this country... cite is some country that measures up to their standards, and there's a reason for that," Hume said. "I can think of no nation... in history that has tried harder or done more to bring its minority populations into the mainstream, with all its freedoms and advantages.

"Slavery was universal going back to biblical times -- it was everywhere," Hume said. "This country has gone a long way, longer than any other nation."

"My view is that the people who say these things, they do a wonderful job of getting publicity for themselves. I mean, this group, ‘The Squad,’ gets coverage far beyond its influence."

"You wonder if they have any real historical knowledge," he added. "If they remember the Civil War, and what it was fought for, they remember the civil rights movement, and the great achievements. In fact, you may have heard me say this before, Mike, but I think among the greatest achievements of the civil rights movement was the universal consensus in this country among all people against racism... The American people simply do not approve of racism."

"These people, you know, you think they were born 10 years ago. Did they not know of these things? Did they know what it was like when we did have systemic racism even after slavery, until the civil rights movement when laws and election procedures and so forth were stacked against black people?"
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